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Tech Tips

inSync Tech Tips cover over 4,800 music and audio topics spanning 15 years of technological development. Look here to find answers to your tech questions, cool tips and tools for making music, and more.

Guitar Tech Tips

Can I Use Any Microphone with the TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3?

Q: The new TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 looks awesome. Do I have to use the TC-Helicon MP-75 microphone with it or can I use any microphone? A: The MP-75 makes a great companion to the VoiceLive 3 because not only does it... Read more »

Keith McMillan Instruments Updates SoftStep

Keith McMillan Instruments has released new editors and firmware for the SoftStep programmable foot controller. New in this version is 8-times faster loading speed, reduced memory usage, a new user interface, user... Read more »

TC Releases Tone Print Editor for iPad

TC Electronic's Tone Print family of pedals and bass amps have been incredibly popular due to several reasons: great sound quality, versatile effects, affordable prices, compact form factor...the list goes on! One... Read more »

PSA: Stringed Instruments and Extreme Cold

A public service announcement from your friends at Sweetwater: There are two things that are certain right now: It's winter and it is really cold outside! The extremely low temperatures that a large portion of the... Read more »

Should I Use a Room Humidifier or Guitar Humidifier?

Q: I want to make sure my guitars are kept at the proper humidity this winter. But I'm confused; am I better off to get an overall humidifier for the room or to get individual humidifiers for each guitar? A: It is... Read more »

Solidbodies and Low Humidity

Q: Since winter is so dry, I want to make sure to humidify my guitars. Do I only need to worry about acoustics, or are solidbody electrics at risk, too? A: Electric guitars dry out, too...and wooden tables, chair... Read more »

Why Two Loops on BigShot EFX?

Q: I'm confused by the Radial BigShot EFX. Why would I want two loops? Can't I just turn my pedals on an off on my pedalboard? A: There are several reasons why a loop switcher, such as the Radial BigShot EFX, is... Read more »

What is the Difference Between a Gibson ’57 Classic and a Burstbucker?

Q: I see some Gibson guitars have '57 Classic pickups and some have Burstbuckers. And now, in the 2014 models, Gibson has '59 Classic and '61 Classic pickups. But they're all described as PAF pickups. Are there... Read more »

Marshall MKI or MKII?

Q: Why do some Marshall amps have a "MKII" on the front panel (such as the 1987X), when there doesn't seem to ever have been a "MKI" version of the amp? A: The story we have heard is that on older Marshall amps... Read more »

Footswitching the Orange CR60

Q: Does the Orange Crush CR60 amplifier allow the channels to be footswitched? I don't see a jack on the control panel. A: There are footswitch jacks for channel switching and reverb on/off under the chassis, along... Read more »

Bypass Boost on Gibson Les Paul Classic 2014?

Q: I noticed that the new Gibson Les Paul Classic 2014 has a built-in 15dB boost, with a switch that replaces one of the traditional tone knobs on the guitar. My question is, what happens if the battery gets low or... Read more »

Guitar Amp Recording in a Small Room

One of the problems with recording guitar amps in small rooms is bounce back or reflections off of the walls getting into the microphone and creating problems — phase issues and generally mushiness or... Read more »

Roland Expands Mavericks Compatibility

Roland has updated the following products for Apple OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) compatibility: HandSonic HPD-20OCTAPAD SPD-30SPD-SXTD-11TD-15TD-30RC-505eBand JS-10MICRO BR BR-80SD-20SD-80SD-90

Roland Expands Windows 8.1 Compatibility

Roland has updated the following products for Windows 8.1 Compatibility: INTEGRA-7RC-505eBand JS-10HandSonic HPD-20OCTAPAD SPD-30SPD-SXTD-11TD-15TD-30SonicCell

Orange VT1000 Valve Tester Acclimation

Certain users have reported that they get different readings from the same vacuum tube after the VT1000 Valve Tester has been moved. According to Orange, this is to be expected; the tube analysis system in the... Read more »

Should I Use a Direct Box or the Instrument Input on my Preamp/Audio Interface?

Q: My microphone preamp has an instrument-level input. Is it okay to use that, or do I have to use a direct box? A: If you are able to position yourself close to the preamp (regular instrument cable distance), there... Read more »

Can I bypass the Kemper PowerHead Power Amp and Record Direct?

Q: I'm thinking about getting a Kemper Profiler PowerHead; can I bypass the onboard power amp/speaker outputs and still record direct from it? A: Yes, the PowerHead can be used for direct recording or to feed... Read more »

How Do I Set the MIDI Channel on the iRig BlueBoard

Q: The iK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard sends on all MIDI channels out of the box. How do I change it to one specific MIDI channel? A: In the BlueBoard app, below the yellow-ish bank display in the center of the screen... Read more »

How Do I Change Preset Banks Using the iRig BlueBoard?

Q: The iK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard says that I can access up to 128 presets but there are only four switches. How do I access the higher preset numbers? A: The BlueBoard app has a setting under Menu: "Allow Bank... Read more »

iRig BlueBoard Compatibility

The iK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard uses a newer version of Bluetooth called "Bluetooth LE" (low energy) found in newer computers and iOS devices. According to iK: iOS: iRig BlueBoard is compatible with iPhone 5s... Read more »

iRig Blueboard Not Connecting to Amplitube on iPad?

Q: I've got an iK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard set up with my iPad, and it seems to be working fine — presets change in the BlueBoard app, etc. — but it's not changing presets in Amplitube. I don't see a... Read more »

Minifooger Expression Pedal Input and CV

Looking to take charge of the new Moog Music Minifooger pedals? All five of the Minifooger pedals include an expression pedal input for real-time control, but of course, Moog always offers something extra! You can... Read more »

What is the Battery Life of the Fishman TriplePlay?

Q: How long will the batteries last in a Fishman TriplePlay wireless MIDI pickup? A: The TriplePlay is rated for over 20 hours of battery life.

What is the Range of the Fishman TriplePlay?

Q: How far away from the computer can use my guitar with the Fishman TriplePlay wireless MIDI pickup? A: The Fishman TriplePlay wireless MIDI guitar system is rated for up to a 100-foot range, depending on the... Read more »