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Tech Tips

inSync Tech Tips cover over 4,800 music and audio topics spanning 15 years of technological development. Look here to find answers to your tech questions, cool tips and tools for making music, and more.

Drums Tech Tips

Join A Rock Band

Q: Is it true that I can use my Roland TD electronic drum kit to control Rock Band? A: As long as you can get MIDI into the game, yes, it's true! (One way to get MIDI into the game is using the MIDI jack on the... Read more »

Always Cover Your Options

Here's one that just came to our attention the hard way: we were recording a drummer playing a Roland TD-20 kit. Along with capturing the MIDI output so we could apply various drum libraries during the mixdown... Read more »

In the Loop

Q: I've just started recording some area singer/songwriters, many who are new to recording and have a hard time playing along with a click track (it just sucks the life out of their performances!). Thing is though... Read more »

Multiple EZdrummers?

Q: I have purchased Toontrack EZdrummer from Sweetwater; I have it installed on my studio computer, but would also like to run it on my laptop. How many computers can I install it on at once? A: Toontrack's copy... Read more »

Portion Control

Sad to say, but not every part in a mix can sound huge. Every musician and singer wants their part to be massive, but if the drums are massive, the bass is massive, the rhythm guitars are massive, the keyboards are... Read more »

Kickin’ Ribbons

Q: Is it safe to use ribbon mic on kick drum or other drums? A: Modern ribbons are much sturdier than some older models, but that doesn't mean they can't be damaged by a strong air burst like the one that can result... Read more »

Torn Between Two Libraries

Q: I have both Submersible Music DrumCore and KitCore installed on my computer. Is there a way to make them use the same library so I don't waste space with duplicate files? A: Yes; KitCore can be set to access its... Read more »

Native Instruments Battery Shortcut

If you happen to have a lot of pre-recorded MIDI files of drum parts that you like and want to continue using, you can easily import them into the DAW of your choice, then connect the MIDI track to Native... Read more »

The Sample Doctor Makes a House Call

Q: I'm fairly new to creating music of any sort. I don't really play an instrument, so I generally use loops and samples to build my compositions. But, I've run up against a few roadblocks and thought you might be... Read more »

Applying the Reverse Boomerang Effect to Audio in Peak Pro 6

The Reverse Boomerang feature has been available in BIAS Peak from its earliest incarnations. What it does is remixes a reversed copy of the selected audio with the original. This can create a wide variety of wild... Read more »

Sound Design Using Logic Pro’s Enverb

Logic Pro's Enverb plug-in allows users to create unusual variations of common sounds. For example, you can use Enverb to fashion an envelope for the specific sound over which it will be placed. This allows you to... Read more »

When Only a Grimy, Grungy Sound Will Do!

Many musicians, engineers, and producers are looking to optimize the sound quality of their recordings. For them, the latest generation of high-resoution DAWs are a noise- and distortion-free dream come true. But... Read more »

Drum Track EQ Basics

It's rare today to hear an absolutely flat drum sound on a modern recording. We're always looking for ways to make certain parts of a drum kit (e.g., snare drum, kick drum) stand out in a mix without ending up with... Read more »

Arpeggiators on the Beat

This may seem to be a "no-brainer," but it's actually so simple that it is often overlooked. A quick way to lay down a basic beat to create a groove on which to build upon is to use any available arpeggiator on a... Read more »

“Humanizing” Percussion Tracks in Battery 3

We all know that even the best drummers never keep an absolutely perfect beat. What's more, each time a stick hits a drum or cymbal, it's never in exactly the same spot and with exactly the same force. This is... Read more »

Changing a Drum Kit’s Tone or Sonic Characteristics in Battery 3

Like the best synthesizers and samplers, Native Instruments Battery 3 comes with a wide array of effects that can subtley or radically change the overall sound of each sample within a Cell (Battery's term for a drum... Read more »

Controlling Bleeding

Multitrack live recordings can be a real challenge to mix. The vocal mics are typically loaded with bleed from the instruments - especially the drums - and the instrument mics may also pick up bleed from each other... Read more »

Logic Express Gets a New Instrument Editor

The inability to sample and create instruments from scratch in Logic Express was a big reason more musicians spent the extra money on Logic Pro. But with the release of version 8, Logic Express now offers users the... Read more »

Building Drum Tracks in GarageBand Efficiently

If you can't find a specific set of appropriate loops for your drum track, you'll probably be tempted to create your own by recording each drum or percussion instrument on its own track. This works well and usually... Read more »

A Secret Weapon for Breathing Life Into Dated Samples

Anyone who has been using samplers for a long time, probably has at least a few sample sets that were so good, that despite their vintage specs, they've kept them in their collection. Back in the early days, almost... Read more »

Letting Percussion Instruments Decay Naturally in Kontakt 2

In the case of most sample sets, you want the sound to decay quickly to silence once a note has been released. On an organ patch, it would be instantaneous, while a piano continues to resonate a little after you... Read more »

Playing Back Drum Sounds Accurately in Kontakt 2

Since Native Instruments Kontakt can handle so many different formats (AIFF, WAV, Sound Designer II, Akai S1000, and tons more), it's perfect for gathering up all your best drum sounds and building your ultimate... Read more »

ReWire and MIDI in Logic Pro

A few days ago we looked at how to ReWire the audio outs from an application such as Reason, Live, or DrumCore into Logic Pro 7. Now let's take a look at how to get MIDI information out of Logic and into your... Read more »

Installing addition MIDI files into DrumCore

Q: How do I install the additional MIDI Fill files that are available from DrumCore's website (into DrumCore? A: To install the DrumCore MIDI Fills, drag the folder called "DrumCore MIDI Fills" from the source... Read more »