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Tech Tips

inSync Tech Tips cover over 4,800 music and audio topics spanning 15 years of technological development. Look here to find answers to your tech questions, cool tips and tools for making music, and more.

Computer Tech Tips

DAW Tip: Filter out MIDI “Ghost Notes”

When you record a live MIDI track into your DAW, a brush of your finger, a slight hesitation, or a software glitch might create one or more extra "ghost notes" that have either very low velocities or super-short... Read more »

Soundtoys Releases 5.0.3 update for Mac Users

Close on the heels of their discovering a problem in v5.0.2, Soundtoys has just released Soundtoys 5.0.3 installers for Mac users. They have issued the following urgent statement: "We strongly recommend that all Mac... Read more »

Is My MOTU AVB Interface Compatible with iOS?

All AVB-equipped MOTU interfaces are compatible with iPad/iOS (utilizing the Apple Camera Connection Kit) and other USB 2.0 audio class-compliant hosts. This includes the following MOTU interfaces: 1248 8M 16A 112D... Read more »

UVI Releases Falcon v1.1.3

UVI has updated their hybrid software instrument Falcon to version 1.1.3. In addition to numerous optimization and bug fixes, the new update includes: Plug-in version's UI is now resizableAdded input and output gain... Read more »

Soundtoys 5 Updated to v5.0.2

Soundtoys has updated their Soundtoys 5 plug-in suite to version 5.0.2. In addition to numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements, these are the main new features: Plug-ins with the Analog Mode option now have... Read more »

PreSonus Unveils Presence XT Editor and Studio One 3.2.2

PreSonus's Presence XT sample player, as found in the company's Studio One 3 DAW, is a powerful sample-based instrument offering tons of great sounds. Now Presence XT has been opened up for creative musicians... Read more »

Applied Acoustics Updates String Studio VS-2 to v2.0.3

Applied Acoustics has released an update to String Studio VS-2, their string modulator synthesizer. The new update includes the following bug fixes and enhancements: Fixed buffer overflow in old MIDI code that... Read more »

How to Tighten Up a Recording Without Quantizing

It can be discouraging when you love the feel of a particular performance but it somehow sounds a bit off; things aren't as tight as they could be. A lot of times, that "offness" you're hearing can be alleviated by... Read more »

Should I Pan from the Perspective of the Drummer or the Audience?

There's no correct answer to this question. Some mix engineers vary their drum panning based on the sonic portrait they're painting with their mix. For example, are you trying to create a virtual garage or stage in... Read more »

DAW TIP: Create Aux and Send Effects Templates

If your DAW lets you save channel strips with your favorite effects pre-loaded, be sure to save all your preferred effects as separate auxiliary channel strips, so that you can load them as many times as you want... Read more »

Cakewalk Releases SONAR 2016.04 Update

Cakewalk has updated their flagship DAW with the new SONAR 2016.04 release for SONAR Artist, SONAR Professional, and SONAR Platinum versions. In addition to adding VST3 plug-in support, numerous bug fixes, and... Read more »

Slate Digital Releases Virtual Mix Rack v1.3.0.5

Slate Digital has released an update to their Virtual Mix Rack plug-in. Version is a bugfix release with the following being the main fixes: Negative Input Values are no longer omitted in the Virtual... Read more »

Studio One Mixer is Stuck in Mono

Q: I'm using PreSonus Studio One to record and mix my project, but I've got a weird problem: Somehow my master fader is stuck in mono! Everything is panned center and when I move the pan controls on the individual... Read more »

Arturia Updates BeatStep Pro Firmware

Arturia has released a firmware update to their BeatStep Pro controller and sequencer. Firmware version 1.4.0 offers numerous fixes and features improved stability when following MIDI, DIN, or analog external... Read more »

Arturia Updates Keylab 88 Firmware

Arturia has released a firmware update for their Keylab 88 USB controller keyboard. Firmware version 1.4.0, which in addition to numerous stability fixes, features the ability to create a 5-point velocity curve... Read more »

How to Control CV-based Analog Synths with Your Computer

Analog synthesizers, and analog synth modules such as Eurorack modules, are becoming more popular than ever. These devices are manipulated via electrical control voltages (CV) rather than digital messages carried... Read more »

Native Instruments Maschine “TruTorials — Season 2” Arrives

Native Instruments has released "Season 2" of their instructive, fast-paced, short "TruTorials" for Maschine. The TruTorials are designed to get you creating fast — each 90-second episode focuses on one... Read more »

Cakewalk Releases SONAR 2016.03 Update

Cakewalk has released version 2016.03 for SONAR Artist, SONAR Professional, and SONAR Platinum. The new Help Module view responds dynamically to users, and includes helpful tips on shortcuts and additional... Read more »

UVI Updates Falcon to v1.1

UVI has updated their flagship hybrid synthesizer, Falcon, to version 1.1. The new version is a major update with the following new and improved features: Thorus, 8-voice chorus effectNumerous FM oscillator... Read more »

Cool Tool: Hand-held Recorder

In these days of computers, smartphones, and tablets, it's easier than ever to plug microphones into an audio interface or mixer, and send all the sources to your DAW of choice. But don't underestimate the value of... Read more »

Live Sound: Don’t Forget the Extension Cord

These days, nearly every musician needs power onstage — even vocalists need power for charging their iPads! Most musicians know that they should bring an extra power strip or two to the gig, just in case the... Read more »

What is a “Snake” and Do I Need One?

"Snake" is a generalized term for many cables all permanently bundled together in a tube or other binding. A snake is useful when you need to route a bunch of cables from one location to another — rather than... Read more »

Do I Need Dedicated Audio Editing Software?

Q: I have a DAW on my computer and it does a lot of editing functions. Do I still need a dedicated audio editor software app? A: Most DAWs are highly capable when it comes to editing audio, particularly when... Read more »

Rob Papen Releases NKS-compatible Instruments

Rob Papen has updated five of their virtual instruments to be compatible with Native Instruments' NKS format for their Komplete Kontrol S-series of controllers. The instruments are Blue-II, RAW, Blade, RG, and... Read more »