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Tech Tips

inSync Tech Tips cover over 4,700 music and audio topics spanning 15 years of technological development. Look here to find answers to your tech questions, cool tips and tools for making music, and more.

Computer Tech Tips

DAW Tip: Make Lots of Templates!

Have you had one of those moments where the inspiration hits, and you're rearing to get recording, but you have to take ten or more minutes to configure your DAW project first? That can be enough to miss the moment... Read more »

How to Dual Mic a Guitar Cabinet and get the Phase Right

Dual miking guitar cabinets is a tried-and-true method of getting a great guitar sound. Using two mics, such as a ribbon (the Royer R121 is an example of one that works well for this) and a dynamic (the Shure SM57... Read more »

PreSonus Studio One: Track Transform function

Whether you're looking to free up CPU power, render effects and instruments to cement a part, or to convert a MIDI track to audio in order to share it with others, if you're a PreSonus Studio One user you'll want to... Read more »

Mix Tip: Cut the Lows for More Powerful Bass

There's something really exciting about a thumping bass line. That's why so much dance music, dubstep, and even funk is so heavy on the lows. The problem is that when your subs are so sub, they create a booming... Read more »

How to Ratchet Notes in a Step Sequencer

Let's say you've set up your step sequencer to the tempo and the note division that you want. However as your song progresses, you find you want to add trills and note flurries that are shorter than the chosen... Read more »

Ableton releases Live 9.2 Public Beta

Ableton has released a free public beta of the latest update to their unique and highly successful DAW, Live. The Live 9.2 beta includes the following new features: The audio warping engine has been improved with... Read more »

Moog Theremini Editor Now Available for Mac and PC

Everyone familiar with science-fiction soundtracks or classic rock is familiar with the unique and amazing theremin. Moog has made bringing the theremin to the masses one of their missions, releasing both a whole... Read more »

Bitwig Announces Bitwig Studio 1.2

Bitwig showed off Bitwig Studio 1.2 at the Winter NAMM show. This update introduces a number of very powerful new features: Group Tracks: Consolidate the signal flow of multiple sources through a single Group Track... Read more »

Double-click to Create New Tracks in Pro Tools 11

In Pro Tools 11, you can double-click with the mouse in empty space below existing tracks in the Edit window or next to or below existing tracks in the Mix window. The following give you options for the type(s) of... Read more »

Effect Tip: Use a High-Pass Filter before Reverb

Nearly every mix uses reverb in some way. It can create artificial spaces, make thin tracks sound fuller, and create depth and dimension. However, it can also turn your tracks or entire mix to mush if you're not... Read more »

Pro Tools Tip: Use Key Commands to Select Track Views

The Pro Tools Edit window is laid out to allow you to access nearly everything you'll need graphically, but power users know that to really fly around the interface, you'll want to memorize key commands. One example... Read more »

Pro Tools Tip: Toggling Track View between Waveform and Volume

To quickly toggle the track view, for all tracks, between displaying waveform and displaying volume, hold the Option key (Mac) or the Alt key (Windows), then press the hyphen (-) key on the QWERTY keyboard (not the... Read more »

Blue Cat Audio Updates PatchWork

Blue Cat Audio has updated PatchWork, its "universal patch bay for plug-ins" software to version 1.62. This update includes a new light-blue user interface theme in addition to its original darker color scheme... Read more »

DAW Tip: Colorize Your Tracks

Regardless of your DAW of choice, they all offer you the ability to color to your tracks and mixer channels. Usually, they'll impart a basic color of their own, such as red for audio tracks, and blue for MIDI... Read more »

Why do some MIDI synths have CV/Gate jacks?

Q: Why do some MIDI synthesizers and effects have CV/Gate jacks? A: Back before MIDI, the only way for one device to control another was through the use of control voltage inputs and outputs, and gate (trigger)... Read more »

Dave Smith Instruments Releases OS Update and Soundset for Tempest

Dave Smith Instruments, one of the most acclaimed and beloved designers of analog and analog/digital hybrid synthesizers, has updated the operating system on the Tempest analog/digital hybrid instrument to OS 1.4... Read more »

Do I need a Preamp?

These days, nearly every audio interface includes preamps so that you can get a strong level into your DAW. Some of them include a fair number of features, such as selection among line, mic, and instrument levels;... Read more »

Fix It Before the Mix

How many times have you heard an engineer (or yourself!) say, "We'll fix it in the mix." Smoothing over a rough patch in a song during mixdown is something we've all done — and there's nothing wrong with that... Read more »

Using the Strip Silence in your DAW to Create New Regions

Every major DAW, including Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One, and so on, has a "strip silence" command to remove sections of audio regions that have no audio. You select the track, choose Strip Silence, and then set a... Read more »

How to Place Your Monitors Around Your Audio Workstation

Proper acoustics is a science. Adjusting the acoustics for bright and dead spots, soundproofing your project studio, and more all go into creating the optimal listening environment. However, the reality is that many... Read more »

Avid Drivers Updated

Avid has released driver updates for OS X 10.10 and 10.10.1 (Yosemite) and 10.9.5 (Mavericks) for the following productions: 003Eleven RackMbox (3rd Gen)Mbox Mini (3rd Gen)Mbox Pro (3rd Gen)MobilePre (2nd Gen)Fast... Read more »

Avid Releases Pro Tools 11.3

Avid has released version 11.3 of Pro Tools 11. The new version provides OS X 10.10 and 10.10.1 (Yosemite), OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks), and OS X 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) compatibility, along with various fixes and... Read more »

Softube Plug-ins Now OS X Yosemite Compatible

The latest plug-in company to announce compatibility with OS X Yosemite is Softube, makers of high-quality digital recreations of hardware equalizers and compressors, as well as effects and guitar amp simulation... Read more »

Major Update for Softube Console 1

Softube has updated its innovative mixing software and hardware device, Console 1, to version 2.1.45. This major update includes the new Solid State Logic XL 9000 K-Series for Console 1 plug-in, a model of the SSL... Read more »