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Tech Tips

inSync Tech Tips cover over 4,700 music and audio topics spanning 15 years of technological development. Look here to find answers to your tech questions, cool tips and tools for making music, and more.

Computer Tech Tips

Rob Papen Predator-PL Updated

Synth guru Rob Papen has updated his virtual patch player Predator-PL new features include a new Unison Stereo Spread setting, a new global tuning option that lets you change the A4 tuning, and six new presets: 02... Read more »

Cool Tool: Gaffer Tape Mastery!

Gaffer tape is one of the essentials of life for musicians and live sound and recording engineers. But taping down cables is a drag — who wants to crawl around the floor in who-knows-what debris and sticky... Read more »

IK Multimedia Amplitube UA Supports Android devices

IK Multimedia, makers of the iRig UA hardware interface for Android devices, originally released Amplitube UA for a select number of Samsung devices. Now AmpliTube UA is compatible with any Android devices running... Read more »

Serato DJ Updated to v1.7.5

Serato has updated their popular Serato DJ software to version 1.7.5. In addition to a host of bug and stability fixes, this update includes support for the new Rane TTM57 mkII, improves CDJ support in HID mode, and... Read more »

Wave DNA Extends Liquid Rhythm Hardware and Software Compatibility

Wave DNA has updated its Liquid Rhythm standalone and plug-in rhythm composer to version 1.4.4. The flagship of this update is compatibility with iConPad and Livid Base 2 hardware controllers, and support for VST... Read more »

Nektar Updates Panorama’s Cubase Integration

Nektar have updated their Panorama Keyboard Controller's deep integration for Cubase to version 1.5. The upgrade includes a complete overhaul of the plug-in map engine, adding capabilities to handle dynamically... Read more »

Slate Digital Updates Virtual Mix Rack to v

Slate Digital has released Virtual Mix Rack v1.0.10.4 to all users. This build includes: Fix for the VCC Group Parameter (compatibility from VMR may now isolate the input and output gains from a... Read more »

How to Control SoundToys Little AlterBoy via MIDI

One of the tasty hidden features of SoundToys' Little AlterBoy is that you can map a MIDI keyboard to the Pitch knob of the plug-in. In Transpose and Quantize mode, using Mix, you can key in harmonies. In Robot... Read more »

How to Manage Your Data

A Guide for Data Storage Best Practices Featuring G-Technology Hard Drives If you're like most people involved with audio and music production, then the topic of data management may seem down-right daunting. It's... Read more »

What is the Difference between a Balanced vs Unbalanced Audio Signal?

The difference between balanced and unbalanced audio signals has to do with the design of the audio circuit. A balanced audio circuit, like the XLR inputs on a pro audio rack processor, has both positive (+) and... Read more »

Cakewalk Releases new Cambridge Update for SONAR

Cakewalk has released the "Cambridge" update for all three versions of SONAR: Sonar Artist, Sonar Professional, and Sonar Platinum. The new update offers: New built-in MIDI controller/keyboardMix Recall features... Read more »

Blue Cat Audio Updates PatchWork to 1.7

Blue Cat Audio has updated its PatchWork universal plug-in host software to version 1.7. The new version features: The Effect version now offers an external side chain input The Synth version offers up to 16 output... Read more »

How to Effectively Use Tape and Tube Simulation

Tape and tube simulation plug-ins such as Avid's Reel Tape Saturation for Pro Tools, are increasingly popular for lending digital tracks a more organic feel, and to help "glue" a mix together by smoothing out rough... Read more »

IK Multimedia Releases v3.5 of SampleTank

IK Multimedia has updated SampleTank to version 3.5. This new version includes features requested by users, such as a new "favorite" system with star ratings, the ability to browse the instrument library by using... Read more »

Are the only Mobile Devices Capable of Music Creation the iPhone and iPad?

It's true, iOS has a huge head start over Android when it comes to the number of music-creation apps. But with software synthesizers like Caustic 3, and Line 6, Behringer, SoundCraft, PageFlip, AirTurn, and IK... Read more »

EZDrummer 2 Updated to Version 2.1

Toontrack has updated their popular virtual drum instrument, EZDrummer 2, to version 2.1. Some features of the new version include: User and third-party MIDI libraries now appear in the search resultsA dialog for... Read more »

Lynx Studio Technology Updates Hilo Firmware to Version 7

Lynx Studio Technology has updated the firmware of Hilo, their high-quality reference stereo AD/DA converter, to version 7. The new firmware adds a fourth metering option and a stereo 30-band real-time spectrum... Read more »

Use the Cloud to Collaborate Musically

These days, you can get free cloud storage nearly everywhere — from Dropbox, Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and more. They offer us space for our photographs and music libraries, for our office documents... Read more »

iZotope Releases Ozone 6.1 Update

iZotope has updated their creative mastering platform, Ozone, to version 6.1. In addition to stability enhancements, Ozone 6.1 features: Adaptive Release — A new multiband control for the Dynamics module... Read more »

Image Line posts FL Studio 12 beta 4

Beta 4 of FL Studio 12, the next version of Image Line's flagship software, has been posted. This new beta features: Six new demos The plug-in scanner can down use custom VST search paths The download manager now... Read more »

Akai Pro Updates MPC Renaissance to 1.8

The groundbreaking Akai Pro MPC Renaissance music production system has been updated to version 1.8. This updates both the internal software of the hardware controllers and the computer application, and includes... Read more »

Compression Tip: Go Multiband

Multiband compressors, such as the Waves C6, are some of the least understood dynamics processors, and yet depending on your program material, they can be the most helpful, especially when compressing full mixes and... Read more »

How to Reamp Digitally Using the Kemper Profiling Amplifier

The Kemper Profiling Amplifier is one of the most exciting digital guitar processors to be released in the last couple of years. By taking "profiles" of guitar and bass amplifiers, it can capture the sound of a rig... Read more »

Steinberg releases free maintenance update for Cubase

Steinberg has released a free maintenance update for Cubase Pro 8 and Cubase Artist 8 DAWs. The update brings each version to 8.0.10 and includes more than 50 bug fixes, including issues with precount and metronome... Read more »