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Recording Product Reviews

Hands On Review: Aphex Channel

For great tracks, the first thing you need is the right microphone. Then you need a great front end to get that microphone's signal onto hard disk, memory card, or tape. That's where the new Aphex Channel comes in... Read more »

M-Audio FastTrack Pro Review

After getting the M-Audio FastTrackPro USB Audio/MIDI interface home, I was in full music creativity mode within 10 minutes of opening the box! After a quick search on M-Audio's website, I had the very latest... Read more »

JamHub BedRoom Review

Let me be perfectly clear: The JamHub is not just another musical tool; it is a key ingredient for a more enjoyable quality of life. Bold statement? Yes it is; but for me (family activities aside), I find that... Read more »

Hands On Review: Focusrite VRM Box

Think you've been getting the most out of your headphones? If you haven't been using VRM, then you could be missing out on something pretty amazing. What's VRM? It stands for "Virtual Reference Monitoring," a... Read more »

Hands On Review: Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V

I first heard Wolfgang Palm's PPG Wave synthesizers when Geddy Lee began playing them in Rush. (Artists from David Bowie to Stevie Wonder, Jean Michel Jarre to Depeche Mode to Thomas Dolby also used the Wave - and... Read more »

Hands On Review: Blue Microphones Spark

To make great recordings, you've got to have great microphones - but most great microphones cost a great amount of money. That's where Blue comes in; the company has been making excellent-sounding microphones... Read more »

Antelope Audio Zodiac+ Review

After using Antelope Audio's Zodiac+, I must say that I am impressed. I compared the direct sound from my recording interface, computer, and from the Zodiac Plus. The difference was surprising. The sound the Zodiac... Read more »

Novation Launchpad Review

As an admittedly entry-level Ableton Live user, the tangibility and ease of use of the Novation Launchpad allowed me to create and mix quickly and easily - all while feeling sleek and professional! I could turn off... Read more »

Alesis SR-16 Review

Being a guitar player and having a home studio is a lot of fun. When it comes to adding drum parts to my recordings, there are a lot of choices available. Software plug-ins have their place, but nothing beats the... Read more »

Rode NT2000 Review

The NT2000 has been one of the go-to microphones in my home studio for years. As a saxophonist, I have truly appreciated it's silky tone and transparent quality. And, as one who occasionally records vocals and... Read more »

TASCAM DP-008 Review

If I were a beginning recording artist, the TASCAM DP-008 might look a little daunting at first glance. However, after putting it to good use I can say that is not the case. The more I began fidgeting with the... Read more »

Sonic Reality Ocean Way Drums Gold Edition Review

Sonic Reality's Ocean Way Drums Gold is the industry's best sounding drum sample library. Ocean Way Recording engineers Allen Sides and Steven Miller have captured 19 different drum kit sounds that are perfect for... Read more »

TASCAM DV-RA1000 HD Review

Absolute ease of use through the navigational menu a well as dense clarity make the Tascam DV-RA1000 a fantastic choice as a mastering/mixdown recorder. The 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz in frequency is well within the range... Read more »

M-Audio FastTrack Pro Review

A fantastic digital audio interface at very small price. I purchased the Fast Track Pro over two years ago, and as other pieces of gear have come and gone, The Fast Track Pro has remained my go-to for basic... Read more »


The whole category of handheld digital recorders has exploded. No matter what your price range or what feature set you're looking for, there's a compact stereo recorder out there waiting for you. A prime example is... Read more »

HANDS ON: Dangerous Music BAX EQ

There are two approaches to equalization: precise, tightly controlled "surgical" EQ that is used to correct problems and broad-stroke "shaping" EQ that is used to tune the overall frequency balance and tonality of a... Read more »


You can never have too many great mics! Fortunately, great new companies, such as Nashville-based Miktek, are keeping us well supplied with excellent transducers. For this "Hands On," I reviewed the C5MP, a matched... Read more »

HANDS ON: Primacoustics Recoil Stabilizers

A studio monitor system, by its nature, is a system. It's more than just a pair of speakers. The room, the electronics driving the monitors, the placements, and more can all impact the sound that your monitors... Read more »

HANDS ON: iZotope RX Advanced

I've been a fan of iZotope's RX restoration software ever since it first came out. I use it frequently in my studio for cleaning up recordings, optimizing samples, and removing noise from old tracks. It's fast... Read more »

HANDS ON: New UAD-2 Plug-ins

When I reviewed the Universal Audio UAD-2 DSP cards awhile ago, I knew they were going to be great. I had used the original UAD, and I liked it and its plug-in complement a lot. In fact, I wasn't prepared for how... Read more »

Digidesign Eleven Rack Review

Whether you're playing guitar in your bedroom or in a world-class studio, the Eleven Rack has the sound you're looking for. The Eleven Rack lets me get the range of tones I want without having to use a studio full... Read more »

Blue Microphones Cactus Review

I have anticipated using this microphone ever sense the suggestion crossed my mind and when I went to open it, I thought to myself, "What on earth? This can't be a mic... it's in a huge box!" Well, what an... Read more »

Mojave Audio MA-200 Review

Before I first used the MA-200, I assumed that it would be an "average" mic in the mid-level price range. I envisioned a decent replication of my sound followed by a constant agitation driven by a need for more. I... Read more »

Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 Review

Sometimes you don't really know the true value of a piece of gear until you are unable to use it. Likewise, you may not also know its true value until you have to use an earlier model. I discovered both of these... Read more »