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Recording Product Reviews

Roland MV-8000 Review

I began working on the MV8000 and immediately was impressed at how many options I had to work with. I was shocked when I learned that not only could I use all of the sounds that came with the unit but that I could... Read more »

Digidesign Command|8 Review

The Command|8 from Digidesign is a dream come true for many Pro Tools users. Over the last few years, many users both LE and TDM have been watching the market for a good, reasonably priced control surface. Before... Read more »

Earthworks Sigma6.2 Review

If you're a mastering engineer or if you're audiophile like myself, then these speakers are for you! At home, I hooked them up to a high end Sony ES receiver, using high end Monster interconnects between my Sony... Read more »

Line 6 Bass PODxt Review

I may be predisposed to liking the Line 6 Bass PODxt Pro because I own the previous version the Bass POD Pro. However, I was skeptical at first of whether there would be a significant improvement from the original... Read more »

Roland TD-20S-BK Review

The Roland V-Pro Series isn't just a tool, it's the whole workshop! Roland has found a way to improve on a instrument that has already revolutionized drumming and percussion, by giving drummers what they want... Read more »

Universal Audio 6176 Review

"The Bigger the Knob, the Bigger the Sound!" The Universal Audio 6176 is a beast. Period. Actually, I'll admit that this was the assumed opinion I had of the unit before I ever used it. After having used one in... Read more »

Tascam DM-24 Review

So I took the DM24 home to try and get her into my studio. The first thing I did was hook up the ADAT lightpipe from my Echo Mona to the DM24, adjust the I/O setting and brought it in on channels 9-16 so all the... Read more »

Korg D1200mkII Review

Say you're in a band and you want to record rehearsals. Possibly you're a singer songwriter who likes to get together with various musicians to work out your music. Maybe you just record on your own for personal... Read more »

Yamaha AW16G Review

I recently had a chance to take this recorder home with me and I am glad I got the chance to learn more about it. Within a matter of minutes I had plugged in my guitar and was laying down tracks and playing with all... Read more »

Focusrite Penta Review

At first when I was given the assignment to review the Penta I was a little concerned that it would be more than a handful. When the unit arrived it was in a general brown package but somehow had a little of the... Read more »

BLUE Blueberry Review

The Blueberry microphone is a great multipurpose microphone that is a great to add to your microphone collection. The Blueberry is sort of an entry-level microphone from BLUE (Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics)... Read more »

Digidesign Digi 002 Review

The Digidesign 002 is a great control surface in which will bring you into the Pro Tools world. The 002 comes with Pro Tools LE version 6.x. When you first see the 002, it looks like a control surface, however, it... Read more »

Royer SF-12 Review

The Royer SF-12 is a fantastic ribbon microphone! The SF-12 is actually a stereo microphone, and as some people have put it, actually two SF-1's combined. It is a great value for the money, and is a microphone no... Read more »

ART Digital MPA Review

The Digital MPA is a great sounding preamp made by the folks at ART (Applied Research and Technology). The Digital MPA is a two channel mic-pre that offers sampling rates from 44.1k to 96k. It comes with two large... Read more »

Roland RMP1 Review

This instrument is the training percussionists' dream. Consisting of a tensioned mesh drumpad and an attached training module using the same electronic percussion technology that the popular V-drum series uses, the... Read more »

Boss BR-532 Review

The Boss BR-532 is a digital 4-track recorder designed for small-scale studio use. Acting like a 4-track cassette recorder, it is very simple to use. It has a variety of inputs & outputs, such as 2 mic ins, 1... Read more »

IK Multimedia Ampli-Tube Review

Prior to this review, I have had some experience using IK Multimedia's Amplitube. Recently, I had the opportunity to "plug" it in again on my iBook 700/Mbox mobile Pro Tools LE system and was quickly reminded what a... Read more »

Focusrite MixMasterD Review

I've done a lot of mastering work over the years, both with various software programs and plug-ins as well as the various digital all-in-one mastering processors on the marketplace; so, when I heard that Focusrite... Read more »

Yamaha PSR2000 Review

Right out of the box, I was surprised by the PSR2000! The manual and patch guide were very comprehensive, including all the information I could possibly need to use the unit in any situation from song composition to... Read more »

Tascam Pocketstudio 5 Review

I found the Pocketstudio5 to be easy to use and was quickly able to begin creating music. The controls are layed out logically and navigating through the menu is a simple affair that makes sense. Overall, operating... Read more »

Martinsound MSS-10 Review

The MSS10 is one of those great, but over-looked pieces out there. Martinsound isn't a company I've heard much about, but was quite impressed with the quality of the MSS10. It looks great, feels great, and sounds... Read more »

M-Audio Omni Review

Anyone with a small home DAW has had the pleasure of re-patching their components. Switch the outputs of a keyboard sub mixer with a pair of preamps and then re-patch to monitor audio recording and then once again... Read more »

dbx DriveRack PA Review

Today, sound systems are becoming more common and complex. From churches and schools to theaters and night clubs there is the need for versatile, high performance gear at affordable prices - dbx has addressed these... Read more »

Rode NT5 Review

The NT5 is one of Rode's newest offerings, as well as a new player in the small condenser mic market. Small condenser mics like this are very useful in the studio and on stage for working with all sorts of acoustic... Read more »