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Recording Product Reviews

Access Virus TI Keyboard Review

Upon unpacking the Virus TI Keyboard and hooking it up through my headphones, I just stared at this beautiful, sexy keyboard, and reflected on why I loved the Virus line so much. Like chess, it's easy to learn and... Read more »

Native Instruments Kore Review

I remember seeing Native Instruments Kore at the last NAMM show, and being intrigued.here was a product promising something different! But would NI deliver? I was fortunate to get my hands on a review copy of Kore a... Read more »

MOTU Digital Performer 5 Review

It's always a big deal when one of the premier DAW manufacturers unleashes a major upgrade on the world. So no surprise there's been big buzz about Digital Performer 5 from MOTU. I (along with hordes of other DP... Read more »

Frontier Design TranzPort Review

Frontier Design has pulled off one of those "That's such a great idea, why didn't someone do it sooner?" coups. I'm talking about TranzPort, a wireless remote controller for DAW software. I've had a TranzPort... Read more »

M-Audio Trigger Finger Review

Programming drums can be a pain in the butt. Plunking little dots on a grid with a mouse is tedious, and often results in lame rhythms - which is fine, if you're into that sort of thing. For great-feeling drums and... Read more »

Antares AVOX Review

Love it or hate it, Antares Auto Tune revolutionized music recording. Personally I fall on the positive side of the balance; I'm not much for completely Auto Tuning a track into submission, but I'll happily use it... Read more »

Summit Audio 2BA-221 Review

Single-channel preamps are becoming all the rage these days, with the sprouting of huge numbers of home studios, and digital commercial studios. The Summit 2BA-221 is fast becoming a popular addition to both... Read more »

Avalon M5 Review

This is a fantastic item for anybody who wants to use an Avalon, but capture a pure tone. The M5 is a solid state preamplifier unlike the VT-737, which features tubes. Another important thing to mention is that this... Read more »

Korg Triton Extreme 61 Review

I've been a keyboard player for 20 years, I own a Kurzweil K2600 and a Yamaha Motif ES, competitors for the Korg Triton Extreme I'm reviewing. After a couple of days evaluation, I want a Triton Extreme! The sounds... Read more »

Universal Audio LA-610 Review

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try out the LA-610, especially since a friend of mine was very interested in it. I at least wanted to find out for myself what all the fuss was about. I wanted to see what it... Read more »

Drawmer MX60 Review

Going into testing this product I had high expectations. This is a piece from a company who has brought us a plethora of first-rate studio gear. This however, is different in that the MX60 is priced for everyone. I... Read more »

Korg Electribe-SX Review

I had an opportunity to test drive the Korg ESX-1 music production sampler. I hooked it up at my home studio. I was first impressed with its sweet-hot look and the built-to-last feel. I quickly learned how to get... Read more »

Eventide H7600 Review

I will say that today I am uncharacteristically fatigued - I couldn't help but stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing with this device. The H7600 has an intoxicating arsenal of effects, ranging from... Read more »

AEA R92 Review

I had never really done much recording using ribbon microphones, other than using a Royer 121 on a guitar cabinet. I always wanted to hear what the classic ribbons, like the RCAs or Coles microphones sounded like on... Read more »

Grace Design model 101 Review

Taking the Grace Design 101 home with me, I was so excited. I had a project I was working on and really hoping the 101 would come through for me. Upon opening the box, the first thing I noticed was how solid the... Read more »

Korg microKORG Review

I have to admit that I was a little intimidated by Korg's MicroKORG unit. Being a drummer I haven't had much opportunity to sit down with a synthesizer so I really didn't know what to expect Opening the box, I felt... Read more »

Shure PGDMK6-XLR Review

I have to start out by admitting that I love drums. My favorite part of any recording session I'm involved in is putting mics on a drum set and getting sounds. I guess it's because on so many records the drums... Read more »

WaveMachine Labs Drumagog Review

Engineers have been replacing drum sounds on recordings for years. This really does make it easy to fix your drum sounds in any DAW with an extreme degree of accuracy. With Drumagog, Wave Machine Labs has really... Read more »

Boss RC-20XL Review

Let's face it, BOSS pedals are always great, but they have really outdone themselves with the RC-20XL. I am a cellist, and it is difficult to layer live strings on the fly. With the RC-20XL, I was able to plug my... Read more »

Korg AX3000B Review

The AX3000B is absolutly amazing. Very simple to use and program.When we first hooked up the AX3000B we were astounded with the bass amp models. When we dug in to the effects, we were blown away. Lush chorus... Read more »

PreSonus MP20 Review

When I first met the PreSonus MP20, I marvelled at its rock solid construction. Front panel is a breeze to understand. Every little detail has been made user-friendly. Hopefully this is a good indicator of what I... Read more »

Peavey Messenger Review

I quickly found as I unboxed and set up the unit that it was very easy to accomplish, the unit is very well made, and very sturdy. The Messenger has a pair of 2-way (that's not a misprint) speakers that interlock... Read more »

Roland SP-404 Review

Easy sampling, loads of sound effects, live playability, and the look of a military code-breaking device; the SP-404 is a great little hit box! You have to admire the Hummer-esque look of this unit. The SP-404... Read more »

M-Audio FireWire Solo Review

Rugged, easy to carry and setup, great sounding, compatible with a bunch of software, the M-Audio Firewire SOLO just works! When you go mobile with your recording, you need a reliable interface to get ideas down... Read more »