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Latest Product Reviews

iOS Update: Apogee MiC & WaveMachine Labs Auria

The further I venture into the world of iOS, the more I am amazed at what we, as musicians, engineers, composers, DJs, and songwriters can do with our iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads! This time around, I’ve got two... Read more »

Hands On Review: Planet Waves American Stage Cables

Think that the guitar cables you use don’t affect your sound? Think again! There can be significant interaction between your guitar’s passive electronics (pickups, volume and tone controls) and the cable you use to... Read more »

Hands On Review: Propellerhead Balance and Reason 6.5

With Reason 6, the Propellerhead Software turned their super-popular music creation software into a full-featured DAW with integrated multitrack recording capabilities and a powerful built-in mixer that emulates a... Read more »

Hands On Review: RJM Music Technology Tone Saver

Maintaining your guitar tone in the face of the harsh environment of a loaded pedalboard and long cable runs can be a challenge. While one long cable may not trash your sound, and one pedal — even a poorly designed... Read more »

Hands On Review: Radial Engineering Workhorse Cube

The 500 Series format for mic preamps and audio processors has exploded in popularity — and for good reason! The 500 Series allows you to mix and match together small hardware modules from various manufacturers into... Read more »

Hands On Review: Joemeek Q2 Series

I’ve always tried to live my audio life by Joe Meek’s ca 1964 motto: “If it sounds right, it is right.” Words to live by, indeed, in this time when we have so many options and different ways of creating music and... Read more »

iOS Update: iPad 3/Music Apps

Welcome back the “iOS Update.” The big recent news on the iOS front, of course, is the new iPad 3. What does it offer? Is it worth the update? I made the move from an iPad 2 (my wife is now enjoying that much-loved... Read more »

Line 6 M9 Stompbox Modeler Review

As soon as I got home with in minutes I had the line 6 M9 stomp box unpackaged and plugged in. This was probably the easiest learning curve for me to overcome because everything about the M9 is familiar for anybody... Read more »

Korg M3 88 Review

I had been in the market for a couple years for a new workstation when I finally got around to buying the Korg M3 88 key. The first thing that caught my eye was the slick body style and user friendly touch screen... Read more »

Hands On Review: Martin GPCPA4 Siris and GPCPA5K

Want the classic good looks, smooth playability, and powerful tones of a Martin steel-string acoustic, at an affordable price? Look no further than these two new models from the venerable Pennsylvania guitar maker!... Read more »

Hands On Review: SKB 3i Cases

A few years ago, when I was traveling with my classical guitar, I stood in an airport baggage claim and watched the handler bounce my guitar case across the floor. I vowed I would never risk an instrument like that... Read more »

Hands On Review: iZotope Iris

Virtual synthesizers have opened up an amazing world of new possibilities to musicians. Case in point: iZotope’s revolutionary Iris virtual instrument — you’ve never seen (or heard) a synth like this before! What... Read more »

Hands On Review: TC Electronic/Sweetwater TonePrints

Readers of SweetNotes and Sweetwater’s other publications know that I love to get “hands on” with gear of all types. That’s why I was so thrilled to be asked to work with TC Electronic to create an exclusive set of... Read more »

Hands On Review: Apogee Symphony I/O

For maximum audio quality with a computer-based audio system, you’ve got to get the sound into and out of the digital domain with maximum precision. And that’s something that Apogee Digital knows a lot about —... Read more »

Hands On Review: Universal Audio Apollo

At the annual Winter NAMM trade show, there are always a few products that become the “buzz of the show.” This year, that honor goes to Universal Audio, with their super-exciting new Apollo audio interface. Apollo... Read more »

Roland Octa-Capture Review

Roland is not the first company that comes to mind when considering interfaces, so I was naturally hesitant when told to check out the Octa-Capture. After spending a decent period of time with it, however, my... Read more »

Hands On Review: elysia xpressor

The elysia xpressor is a stereo compressor — but calling it a “stereo compressor” is selling this box way short! The xpressor can handle just about any dynamics control task you throw its way. It features discrete... Read more »

MOTU MIDI Express XT USB Review

The MIDI Express XT gives you a rock solid package at the right price. This wonderfully practical and easy to use interface has been living in my rack, and working hard for the past 8+ years. The drivers and... Read more »

MOTU HD192 Core PCI-e System Review

Seriously? Yep, some real bang for your buck. MOTU landed this piece in the sea of interfaces with great finesse! This isn't the new guy on the block either. While MOTU's HD 192 has been around for a little while... Read more »

Pioneer DJ CDJ-350 Review

This Pioneer piece is no toy. The CDJ-350 has a nice weight and overall great feeling, with a solid build. The Jog wheel is a pleasure to use, and the tempo slider works well! The CDJ-350 excels in multi format... Read more »

Manley Variable Mu Review

The Manley VariMu is an American success! It's hand-built right here on U.S. soil, and sought after the world over. When handling the unit, you can immediately tell it was built and intended to last to give you... Read more »

Hands On Review: Steven Slate Drums 4.0 Platinum

I’ve been a fan of Steven Slate’s virtual drums for several years, for a number of reasons, the biggest being that the drums are preprocessed and ready to drop right into your mix. Slate has used his years of... Read more »

Hands On Review: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Looking for a portable audio interface for your Mac or PC, one that sounds great but won't break the bank? If so, then you've got to check out the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. The latest member of the Scarlett interface... Read more »

Hands On Review: Toontrack EZkeys

For many musicians, the piano is the ultimate instrument for writing songs and composing. But what if you don’t have the keyboard chops to really play the parts you want to hear? Toontrack has the answer with... Read more »