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Latest Product Reviews

Hands On: Universal Audio Apollo Twin

One of the big hits at the recent Winter NAMM trade show in Anaheim, California, was the announcement of the Apollo Twin by Universal Audio. With the Apollo Twin, UA brings all the cool features of the Apollo audio... Read more »

iOS update: Wireless Listening and Manual Management

Here’s a little secret for you: in most cases, we make music because we want to hear it. When using an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, this means being reined in by earbuds or tethered by a cable from the device’s... Read more »

Hands On: Peavey ValveKing II

My first real amp was a 2 x 12" Peavey Classic — the old-school late-’70s original with the aluminum side panels on the grille. Ah, the good old days! I played that amp for years, followed by several other Peaveys... Read more »

Hands On: Native Instruments Maschine Studio

“Hybrid music production system” is a phrase that is often applied to Native Instruments’ Maschine, especially to the newest flagship version, Maschine Studio. In this case, “hybrid music production system” means... Read more »

Hands On: PRS Archon

Most guitar amps that can deliver crushing high-gain tones at high volume levels suffer from a similar malady: they’re no good at delivering clean tones. The cleans are always a compromise and often end up sounding... Read more »

Hands On: MONO Cases Vertigo

I’m sort of a fanatic about protecting my guitars. I’ve got a bunch of different cases, some of which will withstand a nuclear event, submersion in the deepest ocean, or even a launch into outer space. But these... Read more »

Hands On: Glyph Studio mini

Recently I found it was time to update the hard drives in my new studio. The old drives were getting filled to capacity, and I had added a couple of mega-sized drives for archiving, iTunes, and so on. But with my... Read more »

Hands On: Line 6 AMPLIFi 150

Winter NAMM saw Line 6 unveil a brand-new line of guitar amplifiers designed to take the at-home market by storm (though they’re also gig ready). At first look, the AMPLIFi amplifiers are self-contained stereo... Read more »

Hands On: Moog Minifoogers

Few companies have the legacy that Moog Music has - after all, the company was founded by the father of modern synthesis himself, Dr. Robert Moog. A few years back, Moog took their creative signal processing ideas... Read more »

Hands On: East West Storm Drum 3

Wouldn't it be awesome to have the Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart bring his immense collection of exotic percussion instruments into your studio and lay down tracks for you? With East West Storm Drum 3, you've got the... Read more »

Hands On: Focal Spirit Pro

Great headphones are a must-have for every studio and live sound rig. You've got to have them as a secondary reference, for detail listening, for isolation while tracking, and more. The latest entry into the... Read more »

Synth Tricks: The Artistic Joy of Polyphonic Aftertouch

There are many reasons that make Sweetwater a great place to work. One fun reason is that you get to meet people who are as passionate and knowledgeable about gear and music as you are. And when you visit their... Read more »

Hands On: Eventide H9

Lush. That's the word I would use to describe the effects produced by the Eventide H9 harmonizer effects pedal. Eventide, of course, is well known for their high-end rackmount studio effects processors. In the past... Read more »

Hands On: iZotope RX 3

It's always been a dream to be able to reach inside audio files and pull out the audience noises, hums, buzzes, pops, clicks, and more. A few years ago, iZotope fulfilled that dream with their amazing RX software... Read more »

The Last Word in Monitor Control

You've spent thousands of dollars putting together the best studio you can, picking out the optimum converters, treating your room, and selecting multiple sets of quality studio monitors. Don't risk it all with a... Read more »

Hands On: tc electronic Spark Mini Boost

Need a little boost in your guitar playing? Then here's the solution: the brand-new tc electronic Spark Mini Boost! The Spark Mini Boost is a clean boost pedal in a compact enclosure - I love these little... Read more »

Hands On: Soundcraft Si Expression 2

Soundcraft's new Si Expression mixing consoles combine all the power of digital with the usability and functionality of analog. I received a 24-channel Si Expression 2 for this "Hands On" article - Soundcraft also... Read more »

Hands On: Steinberg UR22

Looking for a compact USB 2.0 audio interface to take on the go or for building a space-conscious studio at home? Need a straightforward interface with a pair of inputs but want all the essentials, such as phantom... Read more »

Synth Tricks: Numark Orbit

Sometimes a radically different piece of technology can shake up your entire entertainment process and bring you back to a time when you were excited to create new things. That’s a lot to ask of something that costs... Read more »

Hands On: Native Instruments Komplete 9 Ultimate

Where to start talking about the incredible Native Instruments Komplete 9 Ultimate? With 65 instruments and effects, over 16,000 sounds, and over 370 gigabytes of samples and content, Komplete 9 Ultimate truly... Read more »

Hands On: Orange VT-1000

Many guitar players rely on tube amplifiers to create their tone — there’s just something about the organic sound that glowing tubes make; how they respond to touch; how they break up. Of course, all that wonderful... Read more »

Hands On: JBL LSR305 and LSR308

On a budget? (Who isn't?) Looking for great monitors for your studio?? (Again, who isn't?) Then you definitely need to turn your attention to the new LSR305 and LSR308 monitors from JBL. The JBL LSR family of... Read more »

Hands On: Nektar Panorama P1

Nektar is well known for their controller keyboards, which feature tight integration with software — in particular, the Panorama family is tightly dialed in to control Propellerhead Reason. (See sidebar at right for... Read more »

Hands On: Propellerhead Software Reason 7

With version 7, the Propellerheads have really kicked it up for Reason lovers and for those looking for a highly intuitive music creation program. Reason 7 maintains all of the cool features — the usability, the... Read more »