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Live Sound Product Reviews

Soundcraft COMPACT 10 Review

I have used both the Compact 10 and it's smaller sibling, the Compact 4, in my own studio. I used it as a mic preamp and as a mixer. I also used it to connect two sets of monitors, two sets of headphones, line-level... Read more »

Focusrite Liquid Channel Review

The Focusrite Liquid Channel is a single channel modeling microphone preamp, compressor, and EQ. By themselves, these may not seem like much to write home about (or justify a $3000 price tag). But the Liquid Channel... Read more »

DigiTech Jimi Hendrix Experience Review

I used The Jimi Hendrix Experience at home in my personal guitar rig and was blown away by its depth and accuracy. I own a modeling amplifier, but The Jimi Hendrix Experience is in a totally different league. Not... Read more »

Yamaha PSR1500 Review

The Yamaha PSR 1500 is truly remarkable a keyboard that deserves more than just a casual glance. It is a feature rich keyboard in a small package, with sounds (and sound quality) that might surprise a good many... Read more »

Korg Electribe-A mkII Review

The Korg Electribe-A mkII I is a perfect addition to any "synth head's" gear arsenal. It puts 256 analog presets right at your fingertips, and every preset can be altered then saved for later use. The new cross... Read more »

Korg Electribe-A mkII Review

The Korg Electribe-A mkII is a perfect addition to any synth head's gear arsenal. It puts 256 analog presets right at your fingertips, and every preset can be altered and saved for later use. The new cross... Read more »

Roland MC-909 Review

This addictive box is loaded with great sounding gooves and songs that you can use in almost any situation. The pitch and tempo controls will keep you rocking to your favorite vinyl or stuido session. This box is... Read more »

M-Audio Tampa Review

I recently recorded some guitar tracks through the M-Audio Tampa preamp. One of the things that stood out most about the Tampa was its simplicity and ease of use. The design is reminiscent of my favorite, rare... Read more »

Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro Review

Today, musicians operating small studios in basements or garages make thousands of excellent recordings each year. The Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro directly addresses this growing market with affordable pricing... Read more »

Empirical Labs Fatso Jr. Review

I love analog sound. I'm a guitar player, and I love all those old grungy-sounding pedals. I love the whallop of John Bonham's kick drum fed through tube recording equipment. I love the "give" of analog tape when... Read more »

Empirical Labs Fatso Jr. Review

Does anybody remember the first Boston record? The one that, until Hootie and the Blowfish's Cracked Rear View was released, was the best selling debut album in history? Remember that hyper-engineered Boston analog... Read more »

Stanton Final Scratch Review

With the advent of digital technology never has a new technology such as MP3 found so many uses. Final Scratch is another amazing way that digital files such as MP3's, Aiff's, and wav's are being used to remix music... Read more »

Universal Audio 6176 Review

"The Bigger the Knob, the Bigger the Sound!" The Universal Audio 6176 is a beast. Period. Actually, I'll admit that this was the assumed opinion I had of the unit before I ever used it. After having used one in... Read more »

Tascam DM-24 Review

So I took the DM24 home to try and get her into my studio. The first thing I did was hook up the ADAT lightpipe from my Echo Mona to the DM24, adjust the I/O setting and brought it in on channels 9-16 so all the... Read more »

Korg D1200mkII Review

Say you're in a band and you want to record rehearsals. Possibly you're a singer songwriter who likes to get together with various musicians to work out your music. Maybe you just record on your own for personal... Read more »

Vox ToneLab Review

The Vox ToneLab models many famous amp sounds reveared by guitarists ranging from vintage amps to boutique and modern amps. The ToneLab's 12AX7/ECC83 Valve Reactor Technology power amp circuit reproduces the output... Read more »

Focusrite MixMasterD Review

I've done a lot of mastering work over the years, both with various software programs and plug-ins as well as the various digital all-in-one mastering processors on the marketplace; so, when I heard that Focusrite... Read more »

M-Audio Omni Review

Anyone with a small home DAW has had the pleasure of re-patching their components. Switch the outputs of a keyboard sub mixer with a pair of preamps and then re-patch to monitor audio recording and then once again... Read more »

dbx DriveRack PA Review

Today, sound systems are becoming more common and complex. From churches and schools to theaters and night clubs there is the need for versatile, high performance gear at affordable prices - dbx has addressed these... Read more »

Vox AD60VT Review

The first thing I noticed when I pulled the Valvetronix Amp out of the box is that except for a 2 digit LCD screen there was no visual way to distinguish this amp from any other Vox amp. Working with the amp was... Read more »