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Live Sound Product Reviews

HANDS ON: iZotope RX Advanced

I've been a fan of iZotope's RX restoration software ever since it first came out. I use it frequently in my studio for cleaning up recordings, optimizing samples, and removing noise from old tracks. It's fast... Read more »

HANDS ON: New UAD-2 Plug-ins

When I reviewed the Universal Audio UAD-2 DSP cards awhile ago, I knew they were going to be great. I had used the original UAD, and I liked it and its plug-in complement a lot. In fact, I wasn't prepared for how... Read more »

Joemeek oneQ Review

I thought I knew what I was getting into before opening the oneQ box, but simply reading the specifications couldn't completely prepare me for working with the oneQ. The first thing I noticed upon pulling this... Read more »

HANDS ON: Flux Plug-ins

Do you really need another dynamics processor or EQ for your DAW? If you're looking for plug-ins that go one step beyond - or maybe even many steps beyond - then the first part of the answer is yes! And the second... Read more »

HANDS ON: Timbral Research Impulsive

Wouldn't you love to have a rack full of the best vintage and modern reverb processors? We all would! And since most of us can't, we often turn to convolution reverb, which utilizes a "sample" (called an "impulse... Read more »

HANDS ON: Korg MR-2000S

Here in the early 21st century, the digital audio world has settled into leading pretty much a PCM life. And, hey, PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) works perfectly well for most of our purposes. But, there are other... Read more »

HANDS ON: Universal Audio UAD-2

Today's computers are capable of cranking out some serious horsepower - a state-of-the-art Mac or Windows machine can run a ton of tracks and a pile of real-time plug-ins. But, even the most cutting-edge computer... Read more »

HANDS ON: Direct Sound EX-29 Extreme Isolation Headphones

It's a tough problem: you need headphones to track and to monitor, but they rarely seal tightly enough to really seal out outside sound, and because of that, sounds from inside the phones, such as click tracks, can... Read more »

HANDS ON: Focal Twin6 Be and Solo6 Be

I'd like to start this article with a very important piece of news: the monitors you use are essential to the quality of audio your studio produces. Yes, it's true! In all seriousness, it is true! There's no way you... Read more »

Korg Electribe-SX Review

Combining real-time pattern writing, sampling, and effects, the Korg ESX1 will find its place nicely in any DJ's club or studio rig. This unit was designed to be hands on and easy to manipulate. The ESX1 is equipped... Read more »

REVIEW: Vox Night Train

Back in the day, I spent a significant amount of time in front of amps ranging in power from 100 to 160 watts, with 2 x 12" and 4 x 12" cabinets. As those larger amps became untenable in my playing situations, I... Read more »

REVIEW: Peavey Vypyr 120

Having built both highly successful tube and solid-state guitar amps, Peavey is uniquely positioned to translate their years of experience into the modeled-amp world. How many years? Let's just say that my first... Read more »

HANDS ON: Creation Station 2009

Sweetwater's Creation Station computers have offered tremendous performance for recording studios, musicians, and composers for many years now. The Creation Station line of computers combines the service and support... Read more »

Mackie U.420 Review

The Mackie U.420 is a great little 4-channel stereo line mixer, but there's a lot more under the hood! Out of the box, I was impressed with the construction and feel of the mixer. The knobs in the audio chain are... Read more »

TC-Helicon VoiceTone Create Review

After discovering the VoiceTone Create, all I could think about was how I had never thought of it before. Guitarists have been using effects to push the limits for years and years, but I've never seen a vocalist... Read more »


As a guitarist, there is a truism I live by: you can never have too many effects processors and pedals. The problem is dealing with all those boxes, power supplies, and little cables. Like many of you, I've... Read more »

Line 6 LowDown HD750 Review

There have been many great bass amps over the years to fill a variety of niches in the various genres of grooving. Any connoisseur of such amps will remember the late '60s Ampeg B-15, the Marshall Super bass, the... Read more »

Focusrite Liquid Mix Review

I saw the Focusrite Liquid Mix in the magazines on the desks of all of the pros. I now see what all the fuss was about. To put is simply, this thing rocks. Within minutes I was up and running in Logic Pro. I opened... Read more »

Korg ZERO8 Review

The ZERO8 has looked intriguing, to say the least, since it was announced last year. It seemed, with good reason, to be the be-all-end-all electronic musician's mixer. Only recently did I get the chance to really... Read more »

Audix OM-5 Review

A few years ago I decided to upgrade the mics our band was using for vocals in my PA setup, and, due to comments I had read in a magazine whose reviews I trust, I bought three Audix OM-5 hypercardioid dynamic mics... Read more »

Roland MT-90U Review

I was intrigued by the unique nature of this product, which at first glance appears to be a portable boom box. However, beneath the surface lies a powerful teaching tool, which makes learning songs both fun and... Read more »

DigiTech Vocalist Live 4 Review

Although I am a regionally gigging musician, I was apprehensive about jumping in to the Vocalist Live 4. I knew, just by minimally researching on the Internet, that the VL4 was far beyond the standard vocal harmony... Read more »

DigiTech Vocalist Live Pro Review

Adding the Vocalist Live Pro to your rig is like adding four backup singers to your bond (except the Vocalist fits into a single rack unit). With the Vocalist, you get up to four voices of harmony AND a ton of... Read more »

Korg Electribe-MX Review

What is it that makes the Electribe-MX super-cool? Two words: Instant Gratification. You don't have to read the manual to be up and running immediately with this. Plug it in, turn it on, and instantly you have... Read more »