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Keyboard Product Reviews

WaveMachine Labs Drumagog Review

Engineers have been replacing drum sounds on recordings for years. This really does make it easy to fix your drum sounds in any DAW with an extreme degree of accuracy. With Drumagog, Wave Machine Labs has really... Read more »

AKAI MPC1000 Review

When first getting familiar with the MPC1000, my greatest surprise was how much you could do with this little box! From the 32 MIDI tracks, to the 64 track sequencer, backed up by the real-time processing, the... Read more »

Korg Legacy Collection – Digital Edition Review

legacy n. , pl. -cies . Something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or property bequeathed to another by will. I have a nice collection of synthesizers that has grown over the years. It includes both a... Read more »

Hartke KM200 Review

I first picked the KM200 to review mostly because I was unfamiliar with Hartke's offering in the lineup of keyboard amplifiers. I was well aware of their well-deserved reputation for making excellent bass rigs, and... Read more »

Roland GW-7 Review

Wow! I had a great time with the GW-7. It took no time at all to read the manual and gain a great understanding of the keyboard. I plugged it in and started making music right away. It is extremely easy to move... Read more »

Roland V-Synth Review

I began my journey of no return with the Roland V-Synth by surveying the huge library of preset sounds and samples that lurk beneath the surface of the synthesizer. This process took me a little while. The existing... Read more »

Roland Juno-D Review

The Juno-D ROCKS, plain and simple. When I brought it home, I connected a pair of headphones and started playing. Next thing I knew hours had gone by and I was feeling extremely inspired by how easy this board was... Read more »

Korg Triton Extreme 88 Review

The Korg Triton Extreme 88 combines a classic phenomenon with new age technology to form a superb sounding keyboard synthesizer. The Triton Extreme uses a classic 12AU7 vacuum tube that can be inserted as an effect... Read more »

Alesis Andromeda A6 Review

The first time that I saw the Andromeda, I was infatuated with the abundance of knobs, buttons, and controllers. There seemed to be an endless number of ways to affect a sound in any way imaginable. As I began to... Read more »

Yamaha DGX305 Review

The Yamaha DGX305 portable Grand Piano is well suited to assist those who are interested in learning how to play piano or are currently taking lessons. The Education Suite feature allows the user to read notation... Read more »

Brian Moore Guitars iGuitar91.13 Review

The i91.13 is such a great value that I don't know where to start. First, the two high output humbucking pickups put out a sweet, clean tone that make it obvious that this guitar is well worth the price. The... Read more »

Soundcraft COMPACT 10 Review

I have used both the Compact 10 and it's smaller sibling, the Compact 4, in my own studio. I used it as a mic preamp and as a mixer. I also used it to connect two sets of monitors, two sets of headphones, line-level... Read more »

Sweetwater Custom Computing Creation Station 3.2GHz Rack Computer Review

What would your studio be like if it weren't computer-based? I'm betting that with a few possible exceptions, most of us would have a very different studio without our computers - if we even had a studio. Given our... Read more »

AKAI MPC1000 Review

As someone with little sequencing and sampling experience, I was mostly concerned with ease of use. The AKAI MPC1000 put all of my worries to rest. Within minutes of firing up the MPC1000 I had created a 6-track... Read more »

Korg microKONTROL Review

I was completely impressed with the microKontrol from the moment out of the box. The first thing I noticed is the sleek sturdy design. In an almost entirely aluminum case, this MIDI controller keyboard is quite... Read more »

Korg Triton Extreme 76 Review

I picked up the Triton Extreme 76 key workstation sampler for my week long review and the first thing I noticed was how manageable the weight was for such a large keyboard. After getting it home and unpacking it, I... Read more »

Yamaha PSR1500 Review

The Yamaha PSR 1500 is truly remarkable a keyboard that deserves more than just a casual glance. It is a feature rich keyboard in a small package, with sounds (and sound quality) that might surprise a good many... Read more »

Korg Electribe-A mkII Review

The Korg Electribe-A mkII I is a perfect addition to any "synth head's" gear arsenal. It puts 256 analog presets right at your fingertips, and every preset can be altered then saved for later use. The new cross... Read more »

Korg Electribe-A mkII Review

The Korg Electribe-A mkII is a perfect addition to any synth head's gear arsenal. It puts 256 analog presets right at your fingertips, and every preset can be altered and saved for later use. The new cross... Read more »

Roland V-Pro TD-20S-WT Review

The TD-20 Drum kit is by far the most advanced electronic drums I have ever played. It gives you the feeling of real drums and thier real reaction to your playing. All the subtleties of your playing are never lost... Read more »

Gibson Labs Echoplex Review

The Echoplex Digital Pro is unlike any effect you've ever heard. The cutting-edge technologies of digital recording, sampling, and digital delay are all available to the guitarist, vocalist, percussionist... Read more »

Roland Fantom-X6 Review

I recently had the opportunity to take the Roland Fantom-X6 home for a few days and kick the tires a bit. It has been a while since I last used a keyboard workstation, so I was immediately impressed with the color... Read more »

Clavia Nord Modular G2 Keyboard Review

In this world of soft-synths and plug-ins I am always looking for a way to shelter my poor old laptop from over exertion. It is true that I had some really bad experiences doing live shows with this old computer and... Read more »

Moog Moogerfooger M-105 MuRF Review

Ok I admit it, I'm an effects pedalaholic. Anytime there's a new pedal or processor out, I immediately do a comparison/contrast with my current gear to figure out if the new piece does a better job than a piece I... Read more »