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iOS Product Reviews

Hands On: Gruv Gear Club Bag, Sliiv, and Bento Boxes

We all take gear on the go. Whether you're simply carrying your laptop around, putting together a mobile studio, taking gear to a gig, jam, or session, or traveling around the world, you want your gear to arrive... Read more »

Hands-on Review: Yamaha MG06X and MG16XU Mixers

The MG06X — A Great Sounding Compact Mixer If you do solo gigs then you know what a hassle it can be to have to lug a bunch of gear around. You don't need enough gear for a whole band, you just need a few... Read more »

Hands-On Review: Blue Mo-Fi

Blue is well known for crafting excellent microphones that each carry their own cool twist; they look unique, they sound unique, and they're must-haves for any mic locker. So it's no surprise that when Blue... Read more »

iOS update: Wireless Listening and Manual Management

Here’s a little secret for you: in most cases, we make music because we want to hear it. When using an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, this means being reined in by earbuds or tethered by a cable from the device’s... Read more »

Hands On Review: DigiTech iStomp

Imagine a stompbox that you can instantly change to produce any effect you want. This may sound like a dream, but it very accurately describes the DigiTech iStomp. The iStomp looks and feels like any other pedal... Read more »

Akai Professional SynthStation25 Review

I bought the Akai Professional SynthStation25 out of pure curiosity. I saw that the SynthStation25 was a very inexpensive iOS synthesizer, and I was not sure what to expect as I arrived home and had a chance to dive... Read more »

JamHub Review

Let me be perfectly clear: The JamHub is not just another musical tool; it is a key ingredient for a more enjoyable quality of life. Bold statement? Yes it is; but for me (family activities aside), I find that... Read more »

iOS Update: Apogee MiC & WaveMachine Labs Auria

The further I venture into the world of iOS, the more I am amazed at what we, as musicians, engineers, composers, DJs, and songwriters can do with our iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads! This time around, I’ve got two... Read more »

iOS Update: iPad 3/Music Apps

Welcome back the “iOS Update.” The big recent news on the iOS front, of course, is the new iPad 3. What does it offer? Is it worth the update? I made the move from an iPad 2 (my wife is now enjoying that much-loved... Read more »

Korg M3 88 Review

I had been in the market for a couple years for a new workstation when I finally got around to buying the Korg M3 88 key. The first thing that caught my eye was the slick body style and user friendly touch screen... Read more »

Hands On Review: IK Multimedia iRig Mic

Looking for a great portable recording device? Why not use your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch? One reason might be that you don't have a way to capture sound into the device. Well, that reason is no longer valid! IK... Read more »

JamHub BedRoom Review

Let me be perfectly clear: The JamHub is not just another musical tool; it is a key ingredient for a more enjoyable quality of life. Bold statement? Yes it is; but for me (family activities aside), I find that... Read more »


In order to progress and improve as a guitarist, you have to practice. Sure, we all know that! But the problem for many of us is time - we're all so busy that finding time to practice can be challenging. It follows... Read more »

HANDS ON: Direct Sound EX-29 Extreme Isolation Headphones

It's a tough problem: you need headphones to track and to monitor, but they rarely seal tightly enough to really seal out outside sound, and because of that, sounds from inside the phones, such as click tracks, can... Read more »

Roland HandSonic 10 Review

This thing is great! The Roland HandSonic 10 is perfect for the hand drummer looking for portability and ease of setup and, with the headphone jack, you can practice throughout the night without waking the... Read more »

TASCAM DR-1 Review

I started my journey with the DR-1 by reading the instruction manual for about ten minutes. Since I am a "hands-on" person, I tried to navigate through the DR-1 as instructed by the manual. I found out very quickly... Read more »

Korg KP3 Review

Being somewhat new to the DJ world, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the Korg KAOSS Pad (KP3) was to learn to use. Within minutes of taking it out of the box, I had my iPod plugged in to it, and was... Read more »

DigiTech RP350 Review

Let me preface this by saying that I'm not a big tweakhead, nor am I a fan of multi-effects processors. So you can imagine my surprise when I found myself immersed in fine-tuning and customizing the presets on the... Read more »

Peavey Messenger Review

I quickly found as I unboxed and set up the unit that it was very easy to accomplish, the unit is very well made, and very sturdy. The Messenger has a pair of 2-way (that's not a misprint) speakers that interlock... Read more »

Soundcraft COMPACT 10 Review

I have used both the Compact 10 and it's smaller sibling, the Compact 4, in my own studio. I used it as a mic preamp and as a mixer. I also used it to connect two sets of monitors, two sets of headphones, line-level... Read more »