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Guitar Product Reviews

Fender Road Worn Jazz Bass Review

Like a lot of players I know, I'd always hoped to come across an old Fender that had that "old school" look and sound. When Fender introduced their Road Worn series, a 3-color sunburst Jazz caught my eye. Could this... Read more »

JazzKat JazzKat 8″ Review

OK! I first got turned onto this amp by Ulf Wakenius, the guitar player for my friend, the late great Oscar Peterson. Then, another guitar friend and gear guru, Bob Gore (former clinician with Joe Pass and now... Read more »


As a guitarist, there is a truism I live by: you can never have too many effects processors and pedals. The problem is dealing with all those boxes, power supplies, and little cables. Like many of you, I've... Read more »

Boss ME-70 Review

Why would BOSS offer another addition to their arsenal of multi-effects guitar pedals? Their intent with the ME-70 is to offer a simpler interface to dial up the latest version of sounds from their COSM line of... Read more »

Bogner Alchemist 212 Review

When it comes to classic California tone, this amp has it all! The Alchemist has a great mixture of the Brown sound of Eddie Van Halen and classic California tone. This has got to be one of the most amazing sounding... Read more »

Line 6 LowDown HD750 Review

There have been many great bass amps over the years to fill a variety of niches in the various genres of grooving. Any connoisseur of such amps will remember the late '60s Ampeg B-15, the Marshall Super bass, the... Read more »

AKG C 1000 S Review

Back in 2003, I was looking for a microphone to use for recording classical nylon string guitar in my home project studio. I had already tried a few mics with less than stellar results, so I asked a trusted friend... Read more »

Fender VG Stratocaster Review

I'm a keyboard player. So, not really being a guitar player myself, I still do have a great appreciation for a great guitar. My roommate in college had a pre-CBS Fender Strat and a Gibson Dove, and I fell in love... Read more »

Taylor Big Baby Review

Taylor has been in the business of making acoustic guitars since 1974. Since then, they have created some of the greatest guitars the world has known and I love them. I've been a Taylor fan all of my life and I know... Read more »

Boss DD-20 Giga Delay Review

I've owned the DD-20 for quite some time now. I have it hooked up in stereo as the last pedal in my signal chain, going to two separate amps. I love using delay as a way to fatten up leads, or to provide rhythm in a... Read more »

Peavey Classic 50/410 Review

When I first heard one of Peavey's Classic series amps, I was blown away. I was at an old friend's house and he had just gotten two new guitars and wanted to show them off. I hadn't seen him in a while, so I had no... Read more »

Line 6 POD X3 Live Review

After numerous nights of hauling my SVT610HLF and SVTCL around, to clubs that wouldn't let me use it, I decided enough was enough. No only was it heavy, but I was limited on sounds. Ampeg is amazing, but it always... Read more »

Royer R-121 Review

Ten years ago, most people, myself included, knew two things about ribbon microphones. First, they provide wonderfully detailed sound. Second, they're too fragile to be a viable option for my studio. Enter David... Read more »

Rode NTK Review

When I first purchased the Rode NTK "Class A" tube condenser microphone back in July of 2003, I was living in the lower east side of Manhattan, and my main objective at the time was simply to purchase a condenser... Read more »

DigiTech Vocalist Live 4 Review

Although I am a regionally gigging musician, I was apprehensive about jumping in to the Vocalist Live 4. I knew, just by minimally researching on the Internet, that the VL4 was far beyond the standard vocal harmony... Read more »

Groove Tubes GT50 Review

I've been using the GT50 for the last three years, and I have yet to be anything but amazed by the depth and versatility of this microphone. Groove Tubes has designed and delivered a seriously solid microphone at an... Read more »

TASCAM DR-1 Review

I started my journey with the DR-1 by reading the instruction manual for about ten minutes. Since I am a "hands-on" person, I tried to navigate through the DR-1 as instructed by the manual. I found out very quickly... Read more »

Moog Moogerfooger M-105 MuRF Review

My first impression when I opened the MuRF (it stands for Multiple Resonance Filter array) box was, "wow, this thing is huge!" The MuRF is two to three times the size of your standard "stompbox" guitar effect. After... Read more »

DigiTech Vocalist Live Pro Review

Adding the Vocalist Live Pro to your rig is like adding four backup singers to your bond (except the Vocalist fits into a single rack unit). With the Vocalist, you get up to four voices of harmony AND a ton of... Read more »

Line 6 Pocket POD Review

The Pocket POD is a powerful and unique effects unit. Rather than putting an effects processor for the guitar on the floor as a pedal or on a rack, this little kidney bean fits on your belt, which would be an... Read more »


The CD-GT2 is designed for both beginning and advanced guitar players. Being the former, I took the unit home with a guitar and immediately got started. Setup was very simple; plug in the guitar and a set of... Read more »

Zoom H4 Handy Recorder Review

I was sitting in our city's largest mall looking to record the mall's ambience for a small project I was working on. It was my third attempt. Each time before the recordings seemed quiet and inaccurate. This time it... Read more »

Line 6 POD X3 Live Review

Line 6 has done it again! I found myself glued to my guitar as I sat in my studio absolutely stunned at how simple it was to have full control over so much tone in such a small box. Whether using it for live shows... Read more »

Earthworks QTC40 Matched Pair Review

During a recent tracking session, I was looking for a microphone that would capture an acoustic guitar in an extremely natural and uncolored way. A friend of mine strongly recommended that I try out the Earthworks... Read more »