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Guitar Product Reviews

REVIEW: Ultimate Support Guitar Stands

If you're like me, you've invested a lot of money in really nice guitars. You want to take care of them. This means a nice hard case and maybe a good padded gig bag for more casual cartage. It should also mean a... Read more »


As a musician, you need a metronome. It's a fact of life. Personally, I've had a simple, basic metronome that I picked up years ago while I was in grad school studying music composition, with classical guitar as my... Read more »

Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 Review

My first impression of the Vypyr 120 was when I tried to lift it. That amp was extraordinarily heavy. Naturally, a smile crossed my face because heavy is really good in high quality audio gear, and very heavy is... Read more »

Mojave Audio MA-100 Review

It doesn't matter what you put the MA-100 on, it sounds great, and from the first time you open the sleek silver case, you'll realize that the investment that you've made in the microphone will pay for itself over... Read more »

HANDS ON: Focal Twin6 Be and Solo6 Be

I'd like to start this article with a very important piece of news: the monitors you use are essential to the quality of audio your studio produces. Yes, it's true! In all seriousness, it is true! There's no way you... Read more »

REVIEW: The Satch Factor

If you were listening to music back in 1987, then you may remember what an impact Joe Satriani's Surfing with the Alien had on the guitar scene. With his fresh melodic sense, listenable compositions, stellar... Read more »

REVIEW: Audix CabGrabber

Miking up a guitar amp or cabinet isn't excruciatingly difficult, but there are the hassles of dealing with a mic stand and quickly getting the mic placed where you want it. Now, those hassles are a thing of the... Read more »

REVIEW: Line 6 Spider IV

I've been using Line 6 gear since the company opened its doors. From the original POD to a POD Pro, from Amp Farm to Echo Farm, and finally to my current M13 (which I absolutely love as a grab-it-and-go pedalboard)... Read more »

REVIEW: Wechter Nashville

Even if you've never heard the term "Nashville tuning," you've probably heard Nashville-tuned acoustic guitars - Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses," anyone? Maybe "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas? The list of songs where... Read more »

REVIEW: Vox Night Train

Back in the day, I spent a significant amount of time in front of amps ranging in power from 100 to 160 watts, with 2 x 12" and 4 x 12" cabinets. As those larger amps became untenable in my playing situations, I... Read more »

REVIEW: Fender ’57 Champ

Just how many watts does an amp need to crank out the sound you want? And how many controls does it need to produce truly great tone? If the amp you're talking about is the Fender '57 Champ, then the answer is just... Read more »

REVIEW: Fender ’57 Champ

Just how many watts does an amp need to crank out the sound you want? And how many controls does it need to produce truly great tone? If the amp you're talking about is the Fender '57 Champ, then the answer is just... Read more »

REVIEW: Sonuus G2M

There seem to be two broad classes of electric guitarists: those who find their sound and stick with it and those who endlessly experiment with pedals, amps, guitars, and other gear in search of a broad palette of... Read more »

Moog Etherwave Standard Theremin Review

When I brought home the Moog Etherwave Theremin, I could hardly contain my excitement. Not only had I heard the Theremin on countless records, but also in countless old cheesy sci-fi films. So to get my hands on (or... Read more »

REVIEW: IK Multimedia StealthPedal

  You're a guitar player, right? If you wanted to be a recording engineer, then you'd be one! But being a guitar player doesn't mean you don't want to make great recordings of your music. So, wouldn't it be... Read more »

REVIEW: Peavey Vypyr 120

Having built both highly successful tube and solid-state guitar amps, Peavey is uniquely positioned to translate their years of experience into the modeled-amp world. How many years? Let's just say that my first... Read more »

Taylor 314ce Review

From the first moment, this guitar lay perfectly in my hands, exploding with colorful sounds as I took my first strum, and there was an immediate connection. It has been six years from that day and my Taylor 314ce... Read more »

Wechter Guitars Deluxe Pathmaker Thin Line 3120T with 3-Band System Review

When I got home with this guitar I was overwhelmed. I knew nothing about a guitar whatsoever! So I started with the "Anatomy of a Guitar" and gathered many different resources throughout the Sweetwater Sales staff... Read more »

Line 6 POD X3 Live Review

I have to admit that I was a little bit skeptical about modeling. I mean, how could digital anything sound as good as plugging into a Marshall, Vox, Fender (insert your favorite here), amp. Plus, this claim about... Read more »

Taylor 814ce Review

Earlier this evening, I pulled out my cherished Taylor 814ce and put a new set of strings on it. Then I played my favorite Am9 chord and in an instant I remembered why I bought this same guitar 13 years ago: The... Read more »

TC-Helicon VoiceTone Create Review

After discovering the VoiceTone Create, all I could think about was how I had never thought of it before. Guitarists have been using effects to push the limits for years and years, but I've never seen a vocalist... Read more »

HANDS ON REVIEW: Like an old, well-worn friend….

                A few months ago, Sweetwater's Fender rep called me up and told me that the company was coming out with some interesting new guitars and basses. He asked if I... Read more »

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Review

When I first received my Hot Rod Deluxe I was amazed how much was packed into the cabinet, this was obvious by the 45 pound box I dragged off my porch. I opened up the manual but I didn't last long before I plugged... Read more »

DigiTech RP350 Review

I received the DigiTech RP350 about a year ago as a gift and have found it to be a great add to my pedal collection. As a guitar player, the amount of effects that one could put in their chain is astounding. It can... Read more »