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Guitar Product Reviews

Hands On: Gruv Gear Club Bag, Sliiv, and Bento Boxes

We all take gear on the go. Whether you're simply carrying your laptop around, putting together a mobile studio, taking gear to a gig, jam, or session, or traveling around the world, you want your gear to arrive... Read more »

Hands On: BOSS SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer

It's no secret that I love guitar tone — after all, I wrote a book on it! But I also love synthesizers and all the textures and sounds that they can create. So it will come as no surprise that I've always wanted a... Read more »

BOSS Waza Craft DM-2w Delay Pedal Review by Sweetwater Sound

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmVAOBirAGM Get the BOSS Waza Craft DM-2w delay pedal here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/DM2W Mitch Gallagher demonstrates the BOSS Waza Craft DM-2w delay pedal. After the... Read more »

Hands On: BOSS ES-8

Packed with all kinds of often-requested features and functions, the BOSS ES-8 effects switching system lets you patch in your favorite pedals and take your sound to new heights. You have access to eight loops... Read more »

Hands On: DigiTech TRIO Band Creator

As a guitarist, you spend a fair amount of time alone practicing, writing, and honing your craft —necessary, but not always exciting. What if you had a bassist and drummer who were always available, ready to learn... Read more »

Hands On: Music Man Majesty Artisan

Dream Theater's John Petrucci has amassed quite a line of signature guitars from Music Man; 6-strings, 7-strings, higher-end, entry level — these outstanding instruments cover a wide range of tonal and musical... Read more »

Hands On: Hughes & Kettner Triamp MKIII

Six power tubes. Nine preamp tubes. Six channels. MIDI control. Onboard noise gate. Switchable effects loop. Enhanced Red Box speaker-emulated DI output. Master insert jacks. Built-in TSC tube status monitoring. A... Read more »

Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt Audio Interface Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_djSspzPgI HANDS ON: Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt Looking for a flexible interface to build your Mac-based studio around, that offers tons of connectivity, extremely low latency, lots... Read more »

How To Practice Effectively

Want to be a great musician? Then, you have to practice — a lot! Having the proper tools and practice space will help with organization, workflow, accuracy, and time management in order to make the best use of your... Read more »

Hands On: H&K GrandMeister 36

At the core of the GrandMeister 36 is a killer-sounding, 4-channel tube amp that's loud enough for just about any gig and small enough to carry with one hand. Hughes & Kettner massively expanded on that awesome... Read more »

Hands On: Marshall 1962HW Tube Combo

The Marshall 1962HW combo is the amp that set a new standard for blues-rock guitar in 1966 when a young Eric Clapton brilliantly played this amp to its potential, showcasing the touch-sensitive ferocity of the... Read more »

Hands-On Review: TC-Helicon Play Acoustic

Great sound for voice and guitar in one box If you are a singer/songwriter and you like to get out there and perform, then I'm sure you want to have the best sound possible. You put in countless hours working on... Read more »

Hands On Review: Reason 8 Arrives!

Reason 8 is here and it rocks! The software was officially released today, and I've already downloaded my copy and started putting it through its paces. With this release, Propellerhead has drawn the focus in tight... Read more »

Hands On Review: Gibson Memphis 1959 ES-330 Historic

The ES-330 is unique in its design; it's a thinline, fully hollow guitar with 3-ply-laminate top and back, a trapeze tailpiece, and P-90 pickups. These details allow the ES-330 to carve out its own sonic signature... Read more »

Hands On Review: Digitech Drop Polyphonic Drop Tune Pitch-Shift Pedal

Drop-tuning guitars is a practice that has been around a long time and its popularity continues to grow. Whether it's the ability to play certain licks in certain keys or just the sound of the guitar chugging away... Read more »

Hands-On Review: Wampler Velvet Fuzz

Wampler designs pedals from the ground-up to be what guitar players want; plug them into any guitar and amp combination and get the killer tones you're expecting to hear. On top of that, all of the range and... Read more »

Hands-On Review: TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play Electric

If you are a singer and have not heard of or tried out any of the TC-Helicon vocal processors, then you are really missing out! TC-Helicon is in the business of vocals and making it so singers can have the sound... Read more »

Hands-On Review: Blue Mo-Fi

Blue is well known for crafting excellent microphones that each carry their own cool twist; they look unique, they sound unique, and they're must-haves for any mic locker. So it's no surprise that when Blue... Read more »

Hands-On Review: Music Man Steve Morse Tremolo

Steve Morse has unbelievable depth, range, and ability as a guitarist, musician, composer, and band leader. So much, in fact, that early in his career he pieced together a custom guitar using the wood, electronics... Read more »

Hands-On Review: Marshall 1962HW Combo

I had the privilege of spending some quality time with the Marshall 1962HW Combo and it was a treat. As a brief history, this is the amp that set a new standard for blues-rock guitar in 1966 when a young Eric... Read more »

Hands-on Review: On-Stage Stands The Mighty Guitar Stand

As guitarists, we are all guilty of laying our instruments on the couch or floor, standing them up in the corner or leaning them against a chair. This vulnerable practice is bad enough at home but unpredictably... Read more »

Hands On Review: Roland G-5A VG Stratocaster

Roland collaborated with Fender and took an American-made Stratocaster to a completely different place by integrating their groundbreaking COSM modeling technology right into the guitar. The G-5A VG Stratocaster is... Read more »

Hands-on Review: Eventide H9 Harmonizer Multi-effects Pedal

If you've ever been interested in Eventide's amazing time-based and ambient effects, their H9 Harmonizer multi-effects pedal is a "greatest hits" list taken directly from their ground-breaking ModFactor... Read more »

Hands On Review: Mesa/Boogie Rect-O-Verb Twenty-Five

The latest addition to Mesa/Boogie's famed Rectifier series of amplifiers, the Rect-O-Verb Twenty-Five, has the trademark Recto voice, along with many others, in a compact, straight-forward format. Ripe with... Read more »