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Drums Product Reviews

Roland SPD-S Sampling Pad Review

Throughout my career as a keyboardist and occasional music director, I've always been the one in the band charged with responsibility to figure out how to recreate an artist's recordings in a live situation. Once... Read more »

Roland RMP-5 Rhythm Coach Review

When I first received the Roland Rhythm Coach, I believed I had a fairly decent sense of rhythm and could keep a beat. However, after using it, I've realized how much I need this machine. As a practice pad and... Read more »

Zildjian A Series Sweet Ride Review

Like most drummers, I have a hard time finding cymbals that speak to me in just the right way. I admit it. I am one picky drummer. With that in mind, I was riveted the first time that I laid my bare hands on the... Read more »

Chandler Limited TG12345 Curve Bender Review

The Chandler Limited series of processing equipment has done the seemingly impossible. Wade Goeke, founder of Chandler Limited, in partnership with EMI Studios in London, has released a line of outboard EQs... Read more »

Alesis SR18 Review

The Alesis SR18: Wow! I've been writing music for many years, and I really can't believe I ever lived without this drum machine! A 12-pad, sample-based, velocity-sensitive drum machine, AC- or battery-powered, this... Read more »

Yamaha MOTIF-RACK XS Review

I've always appreciated the workmanship that Yamaha puts into their pro audio gear, and the Yamaha MOTIF-RACK XS is no exception... and all in one rackspace. Incredible. It comes fully loaded from the factory with... Read more »


Korg has fulfilled an untouched niche with the Kaossilator. There are a lot of funny-looking little boxes on the market that perform all sorts of weird little tricks, but none are as fun as the Kaossilator. From... Read more »

Roland HandSonic 10 Review

This thing is great! The Roland HandSonic 10 is perfect for the hand drummer looking for portability and ease of setup and, with the headphone jack, you can practice throughout the night without waking the... Read more »

Roland RMP-5 Rhythm Coach Review

First of all, I am a recording engineer, not a drummer. So I picked the RMP-5 knowing I had no internal groove. Ideal customer for this, right? Turns out, yes. As I unpacked the trainer I noticed there was no power... Read more »

Audix OM-5 Review

A few years ago I decided to upgrade the mics our band was using for vocals in my PA setup, and, due to comments I had read in a magazine whose reviews I trust, I bought three Audix OM-5 hypercardioid dynamic mics... Read more »

Rode NTK Review

When I first purchased the Rode NTK "Class A" tube condenser microphone back in July of 2003, I was living in the lower east side of Manhattan, and my main objective at the time was simply to purchase a condenser... Read more »

Groove Tubes GT50 Review

I've been using the GT50 for the last three years, and I have yet to be anything but amazed by the depth and versatility of this microphone. Groove Tubes has designed and delivered a seriously solid microphone at an... Read more »

Roland HandSonic 15 Review

The best word I can find to describe my experience with the HandSonic 15 is "musical." I expected it to sound good, being based on Roland's highly successful V-Drums technology - and it does - but the combination of... Read more »

Korg KP3 Review

Being somewhat new to the DJ world, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the Korg KAOSS Pad (KP3) was to learn to use. Within minutes of taking it out of the box, I had my iPod plugged in to it, and was... Read more »

MOTU 896HD Review

Recently, I recorded an album for a ska band. I used the MOTU 896HD with a Creation Station Dual Core 2.6. I was amazed at the functionality of this interface. I started out with drums. After miking the drums, I... Read more »

Roland V-Drums TD-20 Review

When I first pulled the TD-20 out of the box, I noticed a couple of quick things that warmed me up. Already familiar with Roland's drum module interfaces as an owner of the TD-10, it was nice to see the trigger... Read more »

Yamaha DD-65 Review

Since I'm not a drummer, I was a bit apprehensive about using the DD-65. But I got it out of the box, set it on my desk, hooked in the hi-hat and kick pedals, and was able to get started right away. Whether hitting... Read more »

Boss Micro BR Review

I used the Micro BR the other day in an interesting way. I ran it through my car stereo while a band member drove us to a gig. I could have easily used headphones but doing it that way gave the band the ability to... Read more »

Roland Fantom-XR Review

The Fantom-XR has so many features, I couldn't get through all of them in the amount of time that I had it! The digital I/O along with the built-in USB MIDI interface are definite benefits for the studio. The... Read more »

Roland HandSonic 15 Review

As a drummer for many years, I am always a bit skeptical regarding drum substitutes. So I approached the Roland HandSonic HPD-15 with curiosity and a bit of trepidation. First off the feel is very important... Read more »

Royer R-121 Review

I was taught that ribbon mics were for brass... "Nothing better on a square wave." Then came the 80s and 90s, and condensers became king. Brighter, edgier, raw... these were the hip adjectives. Warm? Fat?... Read more »

Korg Electribe-MX Review

The EMX-1 is a new drum machine/synthesizer workstation combo from the folks at Korg. It places a great sequencer, five mono synths, three effects, and a full-on drum machine all in a small intuitive box. First and... Read more »

Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn II Review

I've been a guitar player for over 25 years and I have seen a lot of products come and go. I wasn't really sure what to expect when I first plugged my guitar into the AdrenaLinn II. As I scrolled through the factory... Read more »

MOTU Digital Performer 5 Review

It's always a big deal when one of the premier DAW manufacturers unleashes a major upgrade on the world. So no surprise there's been big buzz about Digital Performer 5 from MOTU. I (along with hordes of other DP... Read more »