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DJ Product Reviews

Roland MC-808 Review

The Roland MC-808 sampling groovebox really shines when it comes to a do-it-all "beat box." This is a deep unit - not only does it have great rhythm tracks, it can also serve as a powerful sequencer with real... Read more »

Roland MC-808 Review

Have you ever wanted to make world-class, block-rockin' hip hop and electronica beats? Well, I have, and to that end, I got my hands on the Roland MC-808. To say that I was impressed with my initial testing of the... Read more »

Korg Electribe-SX Review

I had an opportunity to test drive the Korg ESX-1 music production sampler. I hooked it up at my home studio. I was first impressed with its sweet-hot look and the built-to-last feel. I quickly learned how to get... Read more »

Rane Serato Scratch LIVE Review

ScratchLive is a dedicated system for using vinyl records or CDs with special time coded signals that control MP3 and WAV files on your computer as if they were actually on the record or CD. ScratchLive is highly... Read more »

Denon DN-S3500 Review

Having never scratched a record or CD (other than the undesirable kind, rendering them useless) I was a little wary of the DN-S3500. I've always thought that being a DJ took years of practice and involved some... Read more »

Roland SP-404 Review

Easy sampling, loads of sound effects, live playability, and the look of a military code-breaking device; the SP-404 is a great little hit box! You have to admire the Hummer-esque look of this unit. The SP-404... Read more »

Denon DN-S5000 Review

After having the opportunity to decide between different CD turntables, I chose the Denon DN-S5000. This unit is incredible when it comes to mixing CD's. The DN-S5000 contains a host of features and functions that... Read more »

Korg Electribe-R mkII Review

I have very little experience with equipment primarily designed for electronic musicians. This little Electribe box, however, proved to be quite fun and very easy to use. The sounds were warm and "analog-y", and the... Read more »

Korg Electribe-MX Review

The Korg Electribe EMX-1 is a powerful, yet easy to use piece of music production gear for a variety of dance music styles. In my studio, I was able to take the EMX-1 out of the box, plug in a pair of powered... Read more »

Soundcraft COMPACT 10 Review

I have used both the Compact 10 and it's smaller sibling, the Compact 4, in my own studio. I used it as a mic preamp and as a mixer. I also used it to connect two sets of monitors, two sets of headphones, line-level... Read more »

Roland MC-909 Review

The MC-909 is a great tool for DJ sampling and live production. The part mixer is awesome as it allows for musicians to create music that flows naturally with a true "live feel." You can literally go on endlessly... Read more »

Korg Electribe-A mkII Review

The Korg Electribe-A mkII I is a perfect addition to any "synth head's" gear arsenal. It puts 256 analog presets right at your fingertips, and every preset can be altered then saved for later use. The new cross... Read more »

Korg Electribe-A mkII Review

The Korg Electribe-A mkII is a perfect addition to any synth head's gear arsenal. It puts 256 analog presets right at your fingertips, and every preset can be altered and saved for later use. The new cross... Read more »

Boss SP-606 Review

At first glance the SP606 seems like a toy, and perhaps it is: a very powerful toy teeming with features that make it a stand-alone force. A bizarre hybrid of a drum machine, MIDI sequencer, sampler, and controller... Read more »

Roland MV-8000 Review

I began working on the MV8000 and immediately was impressed at how many options I had to work with. I was shocked when I learned that not only could I use all of the sounds that came with the unit but that I could... Read more »

Stanton Final Scratch Review

With the advent of digital technology never has a new technology such as MP3 found so many uses. Final Scratch is another amazing way that digital files such as MP3's, Aiff's, and wav's are being used to remix music... Read more »

Alesis AirFX Review

Right out of the box I have to say the Alesis AirFX is one unique piece of gear. I had seen the AirFX in passing in a few music stores, had always been curious, but never heard an audio demo. For a tabletop FX box... Read more »

M-Audio Omni Review

Anyone with a small home DAW has had the pleasure of re-patching their components. Switch the outputs of a keyboard sub mixer with a pair of preamps and then re-patch to monitor audio recording and then once again... Read more »