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Computer Product Reviews

Roland Octa-Capture Review

Roland is not the first company that comes to mind when considering interfaces, so I was naturally hesitant when told to check out the Octa-Capture. After spending a decent period of time with it, however, my... Read more »

MOTU MIDI Express XT USB Review

The MIDI Express XT gives you a rock solid package at the right price. This wonderfully practical and easy to use interface has been living in my rack, and working hard for the past 8+ years. The drivers and... Read more »

MOTU HD192 Core PCI-e System Review

Seriously? Yep, some real bang for your buck. MOTU landed this piece in the sea of interfaces with great finesse! This isn't the new guy on the block either. While MOTU's HD 192 has been around for a little while... Read more »

Novation Impulse 25 (25-key) Review

Novation's Impulse 25 is professional USB/MIDI controller. It features a precision keyboard and a full control surface powered by a brand new version of Novation's Automap control software. When I tried it, it gave... Read more »

M-Audio FastTrack Pro Review

After getting the M-Audio FastTrackPro USB Audio/MIDI interface home, I was in full music creativity mode within 10 minutes of opening the box! After a quick search on M-Audio's website, I had the very latest... Read more »

Antelope Audio Zodiac+ Review

After using Antelope Audio's Zodiac+, I must say that I am impressed. I compared the direct sound from my recording interface, computer, and from the Zodiac Plus. The difference was surprising. The sound the Zodiac... Read more »

TASCAM DP-008 Review

If I were a beginning recording artist, the TASCAM DP-008 might look a little daunting at first glance. However, after putting it to good use I can say that is not the case. The more I began fidgeting with the... Read more »

M-Audio FastTrack Pro Review

A fantastic digital audio interface at very small price. I purchased the Fast Track Pro over two years ago, and as other pieces of gear have come and gone, The Fast Track Pro has remained my go-to for basic... Read more »


The whole category of handheld digital recorders has exploded. No matter what your price range or what feature set you're looking for, there's a compact stereo recorder out there waiting for you. A prime example is... Read more »

HANDS ON: Primacoustics Recoil Stabilizers

A studio monitor system, by its nature, is a system. It's more than just a pair of speakers. The room, the electronics driving the monitors, the placements, and more can all impact the sound that your monitors... Read more »

HANDS ON: iZotope RX Advanced

I've been a fan of iZotope's RX restoration software ever since it first came out. I use it frequently in my studio for cleaning up recordings, optimizing samples, and removing noise from old tracks. It's fast... Read more »

HANDS ON: New UAD-2 Plug-ins

When I reviewed the Universal Audio UAD-2 DSP cards awhile ago, I knew they were going to be great. I had used the original UAD, and I liked it and its plug-in complement a lot. In fact, I wasn't prepared for how... Read more »

Digidesign Eleven Rack Review

Whether you're playing guitar in your bedroom or in a world-class studio, the Eleven Rack has the sound you're looking for. The Eleven Rack lets me get the range of tones I want without having to use a studio full... Read more »

Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 Review

Sometimes you don't really know the true value of a piece of gear until you are unable to use it. Likewise, you may not also know its true value until you have to use an earlier model. I discovered both of these... Read more »

Euphonix MC Control v2 Review

I was understandably excited when I first started hooking up my MC Control in my home studio. I knew that this piece of gear would evolve my workflow as an audio engineer and a video editor, but I honestly did not... Read more »

Zoom R16 Review

Once getting this out of the box, it was difficult to be impressed by the low profile Zoom R16 at first glance. I found, however, the more I looked it over and read through the manual, the more I found myself... Read more »

Digidesign Mbox 2 Mini Review

Looking for a portable Pro Tools solution? The Mbox 2 Mini is the answer! I had been looking for a way to get Pro Tools in a small format for quite some time. I have been using Pro Tools for many years and have been... Read more »

Digidesign Mbox 2 Pro Review

The Mbox 2 Pro is super versatile! With this smart interface I can take Pro Tools basically anywhere and be able to record, edit, and even mix whenever inspiration strikes. The Mbox 2 Pro fits in my laptop bag! My... Read more »


In order to progress and improve as a guitarist, you have to practice. Sure, we all know that! But the problem for many of us is time - we're all so busy that finding time to practice can be challenging. It follows... Read more »

HANDS ON: Flux Plug-ins

Do you really need another dynamics processor or EQ for your DAW? If you're looking for plug-ins that go one step beyond - or maybe even many steps beyond - then the first part of the answer is yes! And the second... Read more »

HANDS ON: Timbral Research Impulsive

Wouldn't you love to have a rack full of the best vintage and modern reverb processors? We all would! And since most of us can't, we often turn to convolution reverb, which utilizes a "sample" (called an "impulse... Read more »

Use Audio Plugiator Review

I had been in the market for a tabletop synth for some time, but was hesitant about acquiring yet another hardware piece for my collection. As an avid virtual synthesis user, I was intrigued by all the benefits the... Read more »

Apogee Ensemble Review

I looked at the Ensemble the same way I looked at Apple's Mighty Mouse. It looked cool, but had few "normal" features. The front panel only had two knobs and a power button. But, just like my first experience with... Read more »

HANDS ON: Korg MR-2000S

Here in the early 21st century, the digital audio world has settled into leading pretty much a PCM life. And, hey, PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) works perfectly well for most of our purposes. But, there are other... Read more »