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Bass Product Reviews

Hands On: Gruv Gear Club Bag, Sliiv, and Bento Boxes

We all take gear on the go. Whether you're simply carrying your laptop around, putting together a mobile studio, taking gear to a gig, jam, or session, or traveling around the world, you want your gear to arrive... Read more »

Hands On Review: Reason 8 Arrives!

Reason 8 is here and it rocks! The software was officially released today, and I've already downloaded my copy and started putting it through its paces. With this release, Propellerhead has drawn the focus in tight... Read more »

Hands On Review: Aguilar Tone Hammer 350

Aguilar has quite a reputation among bassists. Their endorser list is huge and includes every genre of music and style of bass playing you can think of. In short, Aguilar gear is well-respected and very flexible... Read more »

Hands-On Review: Blue Mo-Fi

Blue is well known for crafting excellent microphones that each carry their own cool twist; they look unique, they sound unique, and they're must-haves for any mic locker. So it's no surprise that when Blue... Read more »

Hands-on Review: On-Stage Stands The Mighty Guitar Stand

As guitarists, we are all guilty of laying our instruments on the couch or floor, standing them up in the corner or leaning them against a chair. This vulnerable practice is bad enough at home but unpredictably... Read more »

Hands On Review: tc electronic BG250 and BH250

For years, bassists suffered immensely, forced to haul around massive cabinets and heavy amp heads in order to get the tone and volume they required. But today, that’s all changed. Using modern technology... Read more »

Hands On Review: SKB 3i Cases

A few years ago, when I was traveling with my classical guitar, I stood in an airport baggage claim and watched the handler bounce my guitar case across the floor. I vowed I would never risk an instrument like that... Read more »

M-Audio FastTrack Pro Review

After getting the M-Audio FastTrackPro USB Audio/MIDI interface home, I was in full music creativity mode within 10 minutes of opening the box! After a quick search on M-Audio's website, I had the very latest... Read more »

M-Audio CX5 Review

When I first set up a pair of CX5s, I was thinking of all of the stereotypes of 5" woofer-based monitors: no bass, harsh midrange and either weak or shrill highs. Admittedly, I was not very excited. But then I did... Read more »

REVIEW: IK Multimedia StealthPedal

  You're a guitar player, right? If you wanted to be a recording engineer, then you'd be one! But being a guitar player doesn't mean you don't want to make great recordings of your music. So, wouldn't it be... Read more »

Line 6 POD X3 Live Review

I have to admit that I was a little bit skeptical about modeling. I mean, how could digital anything sound as good as plugging into a Marshall, Vox, Fender (insert your favorite here), amp. Plus, this claim about... Read more »

HANDS ON REVIEW: Like an old, well-worn friend….

                A few months ago, Sweetwater's Fender rep called me up and told me that the company was coming out with some interesting new guitars and basses. He asked if I... Read more »

Fender Road Worn Jazz Bass Review

Like a lot of players I know, I'd always hoped to come across an old Fender that had that "old school" look and sound. When Fender introduced their Road Worn series, a 3-color sunburst Jazz caught my eye. Could this... Read more »

Line 6 Bass PODxt Live Review

When I am on stage my focus is the performance. I need to know that when I hit a switch I am going to get the sound I want. The Bass POD XT Live provides that for me every time. That was just the start for me. Not... Read more »

Roland CUBE-100 Bass Review

As a professional bass player for the last nine years, I have been on a continuous quest for the ultimate balance between power and portability in my bass rig. The first time I saw the CUBE-100 Bass, I thought to... Read more »

Line 6 Bass PODxt Live Review

For the bassist who desires great flexability of tone, live and in the studio, the Line 6 Bass PODxt Live offers a vast spectrum of distinctive effects and amplifier models. I tried out the PODxt Live in my home... Read more »

Ibanez SR500 Review

When I laid my eyes upon the SR500 in Sweetwater's showroom, I had to play it. I have been a fan of Ibanez for many years and I love their products. When I picked up the bass the first thing I noticed was the... Read more »

Line 6 Bass PODxt Review

I recently got my hands on the Bass PODxt by Line 6. I have to admit, I didn't really think I would get into an amp modeler - the idea is great, but I had bad luck with unrealistic modelers in the past. Even with my... Read more »

Boss GT-6B Review

BOSS has long had a reputation for great effects, from their Compact pedal line to their Twin pedals and on up the chain, and the BOSS GT-6B Bass effects and amp modeling pedalboard is no exception. Any bassist... Read more »

Korg AX3000B Review

The AX3000B is absolutly amazing. Very simple to use and program.When we first hooked up the AX3000B we were astounded with the bass amp models. When we dug in to the effects, we were blown away. Lush chorus... Read more »

Fender American Series Jazz Bass Review

I owned an American Standard Jazz Bass some years ago. Its playability, comfort, broad range of tones and dependability accompanied me to every gig - then I sold it. What a mistake. After having spent the last week... Read more »

Apogee Big Ben Review

Apogee's Big Ben is an incredible addition to any professional digital recording studio. Anyone who is doing professional digital audio ranging from music, to foley and film should consider adding the Big Ben to... Read more »

Line 6 Bass PODxt Review

I may be predisposed to liking the Line 6 Bass PODxt Pro because I own the previous version the Bass POD Pro. However, I was skeptical at first of whether there would be a significant improvement from the original... Read more »

Universal Audio 6176 Review

"The Bigger the Knob, the Bigger the Sound!" The Universal Audio 6176 is a beast. Period. Actually, I'll admit that this was the assumed opinion I had of the unit before I ever used it. After having used one in... Read more »