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Recording News

Audient iD4 Audio Interface Review

Mitch Gallagher presents the Audient iD4 audio interface. Packing large-format console performance into a petite desktop chassis, the Audient iD4 audio interface fortifies your studio with one of Audient's renowned... Read more »

Best Mics for Recording Rap Vocals

Neumann U 87 The Neumann U 87 is an industry-standard condenser mic and has been for years because of its signature sound. The familiar look and sound of the U 87 have made it an engineer's and producer's top pick... Read more »

Live Monitoring 102: How to Use In-ear Monitors (Continued)

This is a continuation of the first video, Live Monitoring 101: How to Use In-ear Monitors, which you can view here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKU9LbMOV20 Being able to hear yourself is critical for a great... Read more »

Get Your Free Copy of Band:Smart

Want to know everything about everything related to bands and making it in the music business? Then you must check out Martin Atkins' acclaimed Band:Smart book — and we've got it for you completely FREE of... Read more »

JBL 7 Series Master Reference Monitors Overview

Mitch Gallagher presents the JBL 7 Series of reference monitors. For music production, post and broadcast, JBL 7 series of active studio monitors make it easier to achieve a superior monitoring experience in your... Read more »

28 Best Pro Tools Shortcuts You Should Know

So you have Pro Tools. Have you figured out how to cut, copy, paste, play, record, and return to zero without ever touching the mouse? Or maybe you've mastered Command+F for fades or Command+E for separating clips... Read more »

Best Amplifiers for Studio Headphones

It's a fact — musicians and engineers need superior sound quality. After all, if you can't hear the music, you can't perform, track, or mix. Most engineers use monitors in the studio. Studio monitors are driven by a... Read more »

Mackie Big Knob Series Overview

Matt Herrin from Mackie presents the Big Knob series of monitor controllers and audio interfaces. The Mackie Big Knob Passive monitor controller provides switching between two sets of inputs and two sets of studio... Read more »

Best Mics Under $300 for Recording Vocals

You're about to get started on your first recording, and you want the vocals to sound amazing. Your wish list has lots of mics on it in the $1500 to $4000 price range, but they don't quite fit in the budget yet. So... Read more »

sE Electronics X1 S Studio Bundle Review

Mitch Gallagher, Don Carr, and Nick D'Virgilio present the sE Electronics X1 S Studio Bundle. It's designed to help you achieve isolated vocals in small home studios and untreated environments. The sE Electronics X1... Read more »

Multitrack Drum Recording with the Universal Audio Apollo 8p

Nick D'Virgilio shares some tips and techniques for multitrack recording with Universal Audio's Apollo 8p audio interface. Loaded with cutting-edge digital conversion and eight Unison-equipped preamps and UAD-2 QUAD... Read more »

500 Series: Why You Should Add One to Your Rig

Where It All Began API Founder Saul Walker In 1966, Saul Walker started designing audio components for his new company, Automated Processes Inc. (API). These components were modular building blocks built to fit into... Read more »

Save Up to $900 on RedNet and Red Interfaces with Trade-in

Looking to upgrade your rig to Focusrite's amazing Rednet or Red 4Pre or Red 8Pre interfaces? Now's the time, because you can get up to $900 for your trade, depending on the interface you select. Qualifying... Read more »

Eventide Fission Structural Sound Effects Plug-in Review

Mitch Gallagher presents the Eventide Fission effects plug-in. It employs Structural Effects technology, a patent-pending technique that cleanly splits a sound into tonal and transient components. This results in... Read more »

Peter Erskine on Shure Microphones

Producer/Engineer Mark Hornsby talks about using Shure microphones to record world-renowned drummer Peter Erskine here at Sweetwater Studios. The mic setup is actually the same combination of mics that Peter uses in... Read more »

Walking in Q’s Shoes

Today is Quincy Jones's birthday, so it's time for another Sweetwater birthday tribute. But where to start? Quincy is an accomplished musician, actor, conductor, arranger, composer, record/television/movie producer... Read more »

BLOCKS Dashboard

ROLI has announced BLOCKS Dashboard, a free app that integrates Lightpad Block, Live Block, and Loop Block with digital audio workstations (DAWs) and plug-ins. Essentially, BLOCKS Dashboard turns Lightpad Block... Read more »

Free Disc Makers Vocalist’s Guide

Our friends at Disc Makers have released their latest free guide for musicians. Entitled The Vocalist's Guide to Recording, Rehearsing, and Performing: Care and Maintenance for Singers in Every Genre, this guide is... Read more »

Richard Chycki on Recording John Petrucci

Producer/engineer Richard Chycki sits down with Mitch Gallagher to talk about recording John Petrucci's guitar for the Dream Theater album, The Astonishing. He shares session photos and talks about the process for... Read more »

Electro-Voice ND Series Microphones Demo

Nick D'Virgilio presents the Electro-Voice ND series of microphones, and shares some tips on how to use them to capture exceptional drum tones. After the video, learn more about the microphones and other gear used... Read more »

Peter Erskine — The Return of DR.UM

Join world-renowned drummer Peter Erskine for a recording session at Sweetwater Studios. Widely known for his drumming with Weather Report, Steps Ahead, and other jazz icons, Peter Erskine shares his love of jazz as... Read more »

Amphion One15 Passive Studio Monitors Review

Mitch Gallagher presents the Amphion One15 passive studio monitors. Any pro monitoring setup could benefit from Amphion One15 speakers. These high-end passive monitors employ custom-designed drivers, a high-density... Read more »

Bitwig Studio 2 Released

Bitwig has released Bitwig Studio 2, the next generation of their popular linear/non-linear music-production and -creation platform. Bitwig Studio 2 is loaded with new features, new devices, new capabilities, and... Read more »

Innovative New Effects with Eventide Fission

Eventide has released a new plug-in, Fission, that brings new capabilities to the world of audio processing based on innovative Structural Effects technology. Structural Effects is a patent-pending technology that... Read more »