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Keyboard Buying Guides

Toontrack EZkeys Buying Guide

When you're writing songs, Toontrack's EZkeys piano and keyboard software makes it incredibly easy to go from first inspiration and exploring chord progressions to your final arrangement. And EZkeys is ideal for... Read more »

MIDI Interface Buying Guide

How to Choose a MIDI Interface When MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) was developed over 30 years ago, it resulted in a flood of music technology. Software DAWs have long replaced the hardware sequencers... Read more »

Sound Module Buying Guide

How to Choose a Sound Module From rackmount digital models to tabletop synths to groove machines, sound modules let you add color and texture to your music. They also provide a ton of flexibility both in your... Read more »

Virtual Instruments Buying Guide

How to Choose a Virtual Instrument If you're making music with a computer, chances are good that you'll need to employ one or more virtual instruments to produce the sounds you want. This buying guide spells out the... Read more »

Keyboard Workstation Buying Guide

How to Choose a Keyboard Workstation Keyboard workstations add performance and sonic versatility to any studio or live rig. This Sweetwater Buying Guide includes information that can help you choose a keyboard for... Read more »

Keyboard Amplifier Buying Guide

How to Choose a Keyboard Amplifier Whether you need a keyboard amplifier so you can be heard over your bandmates, or are just tired of wearing headphones to play with your synthesizer, Sweetwater's Keyboard... Read more »

MIDI Controller Buying Guide

How to Choose a Keyboard Controller MIDI keyboard controllers have become an important part of the music-making process for contemporary musicians and producers due to the increasing use of virtual instruments... Read more »

Home Keyboard Buying Guide

How to choose a home keyboard Whether you're looking for a Digital Piano to grace your home or a Portable / Arranger Keyboard for enhanced music creation, the following Sweetwater Buying Guide provides keen insight... Read more »