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Cable Organization: Tame That Nest of Cable Mess

If you’ve ever needed a cable in a pinch, but realized your last cable-wrapping job wasn’t your best, you know that cable management is valuable. It can save you time (sometimes preserving that valuable creative “moment”) and it builds credibility — who wants to count on the sound or studio engineer who’s constantly untangling cables?

Fortunately, there are a bunch of solutions to help you get those cables under control. Follow this link, and you’ll find everything from basic wraps to hang-type holders to discreet tubes that can nicely tidy a multi-cable run.

If you own the space you work in, one of our top recommendations is to put up a simple pegboard. After you’ve gotten the cables in neat bundles, you can hang all your “like” cables together, and even label the board, so it’s to see what you have and grab what you need. Pegboards, hooks, and labels are available at all major hardware stores. Most stores will also be glad to cut the board for you to a custom size.

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