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Bring Vocals to the Front of the Mix Using a DAW

  • First, copy and paste the original vocal track into a new track. Leave the original vocal dry, and solo the new track.
  • On the duplicate track, insert a compressor. Set the ratio fairly high (around 10:1) and adjust the other parameters until the track sounds too compressed. Be careful! Listen for pumping that may occur if the attack and release times conflict, as well as phase problems that can occur when working with wet and dry versions of the same track due to latency.
  • Insert an EQ, roll off the lows while boosting about 3-5dB at 100-200Hz and again around 3-7kHz. Blend the two tracks to create vocals that cut through the mix while sounding full and natural.

This trick can be successfully used on other tracks such as kick drum as well.

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