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BOSS Introduces Premium Waza Craft Pedals

BOSS has announced a new series of pedals, the Waza Craft line. “Waza” means “art” and “technique” in Japanese, and fittingly, these pedals have been created by the master engineers at BOSS in Japan to deliver premium tone and response using highly refined analog circuitry. The new pedals are based on three of BOSS’s classics: The Blues Driver, reincarnated here as the Blues Driver BD-2w, the Super Overdrive SD-1w, and the very exciting Delay DM-2w, based on the long discontinued and much-heralded DM-2 analog delay.

All three pedals feature two modes: “Standard,” which delivers the classic tone of each pedal’s lineage, and “Custom,” which features specially enhanced tonal character and capability. For example, the DM-2w provides the vintage DM-2 tone and delay time (20-300ms) in Standard mode. Switched to Custom mode, it provides around 600ms of delay time, with a more open, clear delay sound. The DM-2w also offers a Rate input, allowing an expression pedal to control the delay time; plus, the DM-2w can self-oscillate, making it a tremendous creative tool.

The Custom modes in the BD-2w and SD-1w feature premium tones and response that maintain the vibe of the originals, but enhanced for even higher quality.

The good news is, you don’t have to wait to hear what these pedals can do; our own Mitch Gallagher was able to put his hands on some of the first units and we’ve already posted a video of the Waza Craft pedals in action.

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