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Blue Drums

How many mics do you need to record a set of drums? The answer will range from one to dozens…but one popular technique is to use three mics — a kick drum mic and two “overheads” (though they’re often not placed exactly overhead). Now Blue Microphones has introduced the Drum Kit Kit, the perfect mic complement for the 3-mic technique. The Drum Kit Kit consists of a large-diaphragm Mouse mic for kick drum and a stereo matched pair of large-diaphragm Dragonfly mics for the rest of the kit. The whole thing comes in a road case that holds the mics and all accessories.

Of course, you can use these mics for other applications as well, and, if you want to add a fourth mic for close miking the snare, the Drum Kit Kit comes with a $10 rebate coupon for a new enCore 100i instrument mic that will work well for the snare (as well as for guitar amps and other instruments).

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