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Blackstar – Now at Sweetwater!

Sweetwater is excited to introduce Blackstar amplifiers to our customers! Although the well-known heavy hitters in the guitar amp world continue to release innovative new products, it’s refreshing to experience a new brand that offers truly unique products.
Blackstar Amplification was born out of a desire to do something different. Founded by former Marshall amp engineers Ian Robinson and Bruce Keir, Blackstar quickly gained popularity, thanks to their attention to detail and attractive prices. With a range of amps that cater to everybody from the hobbyist home player to the touring professional, as well as a line of pro-quality stompboxes, Blackstar is an amp company to keep your eye on.

We’re stocking the complete line of Blackstar amps, but one of the first to make its way to the Sweetwater warehouse is the HT-1 single-watt combo amp. There’s been a resurgence in popularity for low-wattage amps, and the HT-1 is great for recording and home practice. The 1-watt design lets you crank this combo right up to its tonal sweet spot, without overbearing volume. There’s even a speaker-emulated output for direct-recording convenience. The tonal flexibility of the HT-1 is due to Blackstar’s patent-pending ISF (Infinite Shape Feature), which gives you unprecedented control over the character of your amp. With a twist of the knob, you can blend the characteristics of USA and UK amps to develop your own unique sound.

Sweetwater is proud to provide these innovative UK-designed amps to the American audience. Built with quality components and offering you the ability to alter the sonic character of your amp, Blackstar amps represent fantastic value for guitarists of any musical style. Whether you’re looking for a dependable practice amp or a new rig for playing live, Blackstar’s lineup includes an amp for you.

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