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Benefits of powered mixers

“What are the benefits of a powered mixer?”

For the busy performing musician & club operator, a high-quality powered mixer with the right features and professional performance is a great choice for several reasons. Below are what many people consider the top three.

1. All-in-one Integration: In one convenient unit you have a mixer to combine and balance your microphone and instrument sources, effects to add ambiance to your sound, and power amplification to drive house speakers and in some models even monitor speakers as well.

2. Simple Setup and Operation: Setting up a system with separate mixer, effect units, and power amplifier means lots of cables and the need for careful level matching between components if you want optimum performance. All of this takes time and adds up to extra work – not to mention the potential for misplaced or faulty cables and a plethora of other “technical problems”.

3. Portability: Pick it up, carry it to where you’re going to use it, and put it down. Compare that to transporting, connecting, and adjusting at least three separate units.

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