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The Benefits of Owning Multiple DAWs

An interesting notion to pass along: we were talking with a manufacturer of a prominent DAW software package, and he was discussing some of the great features in his company’s software, but also how well it integrates and dovetails with other DAW software.

His conclusion? The days of owning and using a single DAW may be over. Many users can benefit from having more than one DAW — and, with the affordable crossgrades available, it isn’t out of the question financially — using each for its strengths. One might be great for “traditional” tracking and mixing. Another might excel at working with loops. Another might be ideal for electronic music creation. Another might have features that are powerful for sound design, and so on.

Something to think about…could your workflow and creativity benefit from having a second DAW that provides a different approach, feel, and feature set that you could match with your current DAW to expand your overall productivity and workflow pictures?

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