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Bass Amp of the Day: Peavey Tour TNT 115

Peavey products have always been known for performance, reliability, and more-bang-for-your-buck; carrying on that tradition is the Peavey Tour TNT 115. It’s a top-loaded, kick-back combo amplifier that’s designed to give bassists a solid tone with lots of flexibility in a convenient, affordable package.

Peavey has decades of experience making great bass amplifiers and this version of the time-honored TNT combines their latest innovations with the tried-and-true. The front panel features a selector switch for either active or passive pickups, a gain control, an optical compressor that can be switched in or out, a master volume control, and extensive EQ options. Low and high shelving controls provide basic EQ and a bass-optimized, 7-band graphic can also be added. There are also push-button switches for bright boost and contour, which is a preset curve that simultaneously scoops the midrange and adds both highs and lows. Sonically, the TNT is round, warm, full, punchy, and solid with the range to add all of the high-end snap and sparkle you need. The switchable crunch control adds tube-like distortion for even more flexibility.

The TNT’s rear panel has an XLR output for direct connection to a mixing console, an external speaker output, an effects loop with send and return, and a footswitch jack for enabling or disabling the compressor and crunch effect. Along with the specially designed 15″ speaker, the TNT also has a tweeter that can be switched on or off via a rear-panel rocker switch. This is especially useful when using the crunch effect.

The kick-back design makes the TNT equally at home in large or small venues. In a small club, place it behind you and angle it out toward the audience so all of your sound isn’t directed toward the front row. In a large hall the TNT can easily become your monitor, angled back and directed at you. With 600 watts of class-D power, there’s plenty of volume and headroom on tap to make sure you’re heard and the switchable Distortion Detection Technique (DDT) speaker protection circuit prevents unwanted power amp clipping that can damage speakers. The 1×15 combo format makes the TNT a perfect rehearsal amp as well.

Backed with Peavey’s rock-solid reputation, the Peavey Tour TNT 115 is an excellent-sounding, portable, budget-friendly bass combo amp that’s both versatile and powerful enough to handle any situation you can put it in.

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