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Articles by Sweetwater

X-Over Network

An abbreviation for "crossover network," which divides an audio signal into multiple frequency bands. This is done to optimize which frequencies are directed to multiple speaker drivers, for example, a woofer for... Read more »

Behringer Releases New DeepMind 12 Firmware

Behringer has released new firmware for the DeepMind 12 synthesizer. Firmware version 1.05 includes a whole host of new fixes and features: Added CC#5 Portamento Time and Aftertouch destination options to GLOBAL >... Read more »

X-Over Distortion

An abbreviation for "crossover distortion," which is a type of distortion pertaining to anomalies that occur when a signal "crosses over" from the positive portion of its waveform to the negative portion in audio... Read more »

It’s only Chuck ‘n’ Roll: 3 Contributions Chuck Berry Gave to Music

To say that rock 'n' roll will have to go on without Chuck Berry is ridiculous. Chuck Berry is rock 'n' roll. His impact, influence, and innovation physically changed the way we approach the genre today. In other... Read more »

Eventide Fission Structural Sound Effects Plug-in Review

Mitch Gallagher presents the Eventide Fission effects plug-in. It employs Structural Effects technology, a patent-pending technique that cleanly splits a sound into tonal and transient components. This results in... Read more »

Antelope Audio Adds Full Session Saving To All Audio Devices

Antelope Audio has added a new feature to all of their audio devices: all control panel options can now be saved and recalled with one mouse click. You can restore Gain levels for every input and output, clock... Read more »

X-Over Frequency

An abbreviation for crossover frequency, which refers to the specific frequency at which a crossover will divide the audio signal into separate frequency ranges. Nearly all speaker cabinets used in PA systems or... Read more »

Ampeg Classic Analog Bass Preamp Pedal Demo

Dino Monoxelos from Ampeg presents the Classic Analog Bass Preamp pedal. Use the 3-band tone stack to explore a wide range of bass tones for any genre. Add extra high-end definition or low-end weight with the... Read more »

Ampeg Scrambler Bass Overdrive Pedal Demo

Dino Monoxelos from Ampeg presents the Scrambler Bass Overdrive pedal. The sound ranges from extremely subtle harmonic enhancement to screaming overdrive. Dial in some treble to help your tone cut through, then... Read more »

Robben Ford Interviewed by Sweetwater

Mitch Gallagher sits down with world-famous blues guitarist and composer Robben Ford. He talks about recording in Sweetwater Studios with his band, writing music, improvising rhythm parts, and much more.

Native Instruments Releases MASCHINE Hot Fix for Pro Tools Users

Native Instruments has issued the following statement: "We've recently noticed that some Pro Tools users aren't able to load the MASCHINE software as a plug-in. Today we're releasing MASCHINE 2.6.2, a free update... Read more »


EtherSound is a popular networking standard developed by Digigram that supports 64 channels of bi-directional uncompressed 24-bit, 48kHz audio over Ethernet.   It operates at fixed, extremely low latency — the... Read more »

Diezel VH4 Distortion Pedal Review

Sweetwater's Nick Bowcott presents the Diezel VH4 distortion pedal. Based on the formidable high-gain tone of the VH4 tube amplifier, the Diezel VH4 Pedal delivers all the high-intensity distortion you can handle... Read more »

Tommy LiPuma Passes Away

The music industry woke up to an empty chair at the recording console on Tuesday — legendary producer Tommy LiPuma died on Monday, March 13. He was 81. His passion for music was infectious, and he inspired artists... Read more »

Fender American Professional Jazzmaster Guitar Review

Don Carr presents the Fender American Professional Jazzmaster. The V-Mod pickups in the Fender American Professional Jazzmaster were developed by Michael Frank-Braun, the same guy who created the legendary pickups... Read more »

Strymon Brigadier Delay Pedal Review

Don Carr presents the Strymon Brigadier dBucket delay pedal. From the deeply mellow sound of bucket loss to the gritty buildup of stacked repeats, the Strymon Brigadier dBucket Delay pedal captures the... Read more »

Universal Audio Releases New UAD v9.1 Software with Apollo Multi-Unit Support For Windows 10

Universal Audio has updated their UAD Software to version 9.1. Now Windows 10 PC users now have the same mix-and-match capabilities as Mac users, enabling them to cascade up to four Apollo Thunderbolt audio... Read more »


An abbreviation for "crossover." A crossover is a device designed to divide audio information into smaller frequency ranges to comply with the requirements of different transducers in an audio reproduction system... Read more »

Meinl Cymbals Byzance Transition Ride Cymbal Demo

Mike Johnston from MikesLessons.com presents his signature ride cymbal, the Meinl Byzance Transition Ride. This cymbal lets you effortlessly transition from articulate sticking to wide-open crashing — all without... Read more »

Meinl Cymbals Mike Johnston Byzance Cymbal Box Set Demo

Mike Johnston from MikesLessons.com presents his signature set of Meinl Cymbals. The Meinl Byzance Mike Johnston 4-piece Cymbal Package are the cymbals Mr. Johnston chooses to use for his standard setup when... Read more »

With Unlimited Tracks, Why Punch-in?

In the days of recording to analog tape, you were limited as to how many tracks you could have — a tape machine only recorded so many, and when you used those, you could either mix tracks down to free up... Read more »

Analog Recording

This refers to recording analog signals without converting those signals to digital audio first. Analog recording requires an analog recording medium, such as magnetic tape or wax or vinyl cylinders. Until the... Read more »

Fender American Professional Jaguar Review

Don Carr presents the Fender American Professional Jaguar. The Jaguar was always an adventurous design, and the Fender American Professional Jaguar solidbody electric guitar keeps the adventure alive. A classic... Read more »

Ibanez FuzzMini Fuzz Pedal Review

Don Carr presents the Ibanez FuzzMini fuzz pedal. Even if your pedalboard is packed you can probably find room for the Ibanez FuzzMini fuzz pedal. Boasting an all-analog signal path and true bypass switching, the... Read more »