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Articles by Sweetwater

Promotion in Motion: How GoPro Helped Scott Wilkie Take his Album to #1

In January of 2016, Sweetwater's Chuck Surack, invited jazz pianist Scott Wilkie and his band to tour the Sweetwater Campus, and suggested that the group check out Sweetwater Studios.     When they walked... Read more »

Finding Your Tube Amp’s “Sweet Spot”

Nearly every tube amp has a "sweet spot" — a point at which the tubes are cooking but not pushed too hard, the guitar sustains, has good dynamics, and a full, rich tone. But it's not the same for every amp;... Read more »

Recording Big Big Train with Nick D’Virgilio and Mark Hornsby

Mitch Gallagher sits down with Sweetwater's Nick D'Virgilio to talk about his award-winning band Big Big Train. Nick talks about how they recorded their most recent album here in Sweetwater Studios, with insights... Read more »

Free Stem Mastering Seminar with Mike Wells

Dangerous Music and Sweetwater are proud to present a unique opportunity to learn stem mastering from a pro! The event will be streaming live on May 13, 2017, at 2pm EDT, free of charge. (A free Puremix membership... Read more »

How Many Takes Should I Record?

As many as you need, and no more. In all seriousness, modern DAWs let you record as many takes of the same part as you want, but there definitely is a point of diminishing returns. First, unless you are purely... Read more »

Group Master

In large-scale audio consoles that have lots of mixer groups, there often is one or more Group Master fader that can control multiple group faders. In essence, this turns the assigned group faders into sub-groups of... Read more »

GearFest 2017

Free demos, free advice — and free admission! GearFest 2017 (June 23 and June 24) is the largest free-admission music gear tradeshow in the U.S. Imagine two full days of hands-on gear demonstrations, workshops with... Read more »

What is the Ideal Level to Record Tracks into a DAW?

The general consensus is, hot enough to take advantage of the digital resolution available while not so hot that the signal clips or you have problems later, during mixdown. For dynamic tracks, the recommended level... Read more »

5 Vocal Recording Mistakes You May Be Making

Everybody wants a great vocal sound on their recording, right? Most engineers can give you tips for techniques you should use, but there are some things that you will definitely want to avoid - details that are... Read more »

Friedman Tour Pro Platinum Pack Pedalboard Review

Mitch Gallagher gives a comprehensive overview of the Friedman Tour Pro Platinum Pack Pedalboard. This rugged two-tier pedalboard features a flat surface on the bottom tier and a slanted surface for the second tier... Read more »

5 Ultimate Metal Rigs

The race for the ultimate heavy metal guitar rig has been around ever since guitarists discovered the love cranking the gain and riffing away. But with all of the choices in metal-focused gear, it may be difficult... Read more »

Review: EarthQuaker Devices Erupter Fuzz Pedal

Don Carr presents the EarthQuaker Devices Erupter fuzz pedal. The all-analog EarthQuaker Devices Erupter could be the ultimate classic fuzz. Yet surprising enough, this pedal is no clone. It's the result of more... Read more »

Best Drum Sets for Kids

Children are natural percussionists. A drum set is a great way to captivate their blooming musical minds and teach them the discipline and dexterity that only years of drumming can afford. With today's range of... Read more »

Interview: Devin Townsend

At Sweetwater, we try to get to know every one of our customers personally. It turns out, some of them are a pretty big deal in the music industry. They're also some of the coolest people we know. Do you want to... Read more »

Rein in the Reverb

Reverb is an integral part of near every finished recording. It creates space in the mix, and ambience and body for individual instruments. For some types of sound design, a huge, cavernous reverb is an integral... Read more »

13 Best Effects Pedals for Bass Guitar

Bass effects pedals have played an important role on many of our favorite rock and metal cuts — from Cliff Burton's curiously guitarish "For Whom the Bell Tolls" intro to Flea's slap-and-pop cascading wah solo in... Read more »

What are “Matched” Power Tubes?

In general, there's a lot of variation in current draw from one tube to another, even when the tubes are the same type. This has an impact how they'll respond in your tube amp — and could cause diminished... Read more »

IM Distortion

An abbreviation for "intermodulation distortion," this is the interaction of two or more frequencies in a signal that results in the generation of new frequency components not present in the original signal. These... Read more »

Pedals to Make Your Guitar Sound Like a Synth by Sweetwater

Sweetwater's Daniel Fisher and Don Carr embark on a sonic journey together, to create synthesizer-style sounds on electric guitar. Daniel and Don chose an assortment of their favorite effects pedals, then started... Read more »

Nir Zidkyahu Interview

Nick D'Virgilio is joined by world-renowned drummer Nir Zidkyahu for this special interview. He talks with Nick about his jazz roots, recording with John Mayer on Room For Squares, and why he uses Sonor drums. Shop... Read more »

High Impedance

cOften abbreviated as "Hi-Z," this generally refers to electronic audio devices with and input or output impedance of more than 600 ohms. A typical electric guitar pickup, for example, generally needs to be... Read more »

MXR IL Diavolo Overdrive Pedal Review

MXR has once again partnered with notable Italian pedal designer Carlo Sorasio to bring you this versatile overdrive pedal. The easy-to-use control complement of Level, Tone, and Drive access everything from smooth... Read more »

Jeorge Tripps Interview

Mitch Gallagher is joined by effects-pedal creator Jeorge Tripps. Mitch and Jeorge discuss how Jeorge got into pedal design, his time at Line 6 and his current position at Dunlop designing for Dunlop, MXR and Way... Read more »

Powered Mixer, Powered Speaker, or Power Amp?

Q: I see powered mixers, powered speakers, and power amps for PAs. I'm a bit confused which do I need? Does everything need to be powered? A: What we're referring to here is an amplifier for driving PA speakers... Read more »