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Articles by Sweetwater

A Designs Mix Factory 16-channel Summing Mixer Demo

Mix engineer and producer Tony Shepperd presents the A Designs Mix Factory summing mixer. The Mix Factory takes a fresh approach to analog summing, delivering analog warmth with the depth and imaging needed to make... Read more »

Native Instruments Releases MASCHINE 2.6.5

Native Instruments has updated MASCHINE to version 2.6.5. The update introduces Ideas View, a new layout that lets users build Scenes by mixing and matching patterns independent of the timeline. MASCHINE users can... Read more »

Essential Mastering Plug-ins Every Studio Should Have

Mastering is the final step to attaining a professional-sounding recording. It's the glue that makes a record sound like a record; it creates consistency across an album, and it prepares your music for distribution... Read more »

16th Annual GearFest Preview by Sweetwater

Mitch Gallagher is joined by Bob Bailey, Sweetwater's Executive Director of GearFest, to see what's in store for GearFest 2017. Right now, more than 12,000 music lovers just like you are planning to attend GearFest... Read more »

7 Oddest Recording Techniques You Need to Try

Think about this for a second: someone had to be the first person to eat a lobster. (Don't worry, this is going somewhere.) They had to think, "Yum, this big sea bug just might be good to eat." The point is, there... Read more »

Arturia Releases V Collection 5.3 Update

Arturia has released an update for their V Collection. V Collection 5.3 includes a new Arturia Software Center app for quick and easy updating of all the virtual instruments in the collection with one click. The... Read more »

Way Huge Red Llama 25th Anniversary Overdrive Pedal Demo

Bryan Kehoe from Dunlop/Way Huge presents the Red Llama 25th Anniversary Overdrive pedal. Utilizing a CMOS circuit, the Red Llama gives you transparent and responsive tube-like dynamics and tone. This anniversary... Read more »

Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini Combo Amp Review

Don Carr presents the Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini combo amp. Based on the sought-after JTM 45 amp, the Dirty Shirley Mini gives you a wide range of tones from smooth and clean to Friedman's famous high-gain tones... Read more »

Universal Audio Releases UAD v9.2 with New SSL 4000G Compressor Collection

Universal Audio has introduced two new plug-ins along with their new UAD v9.2 software: the Pure Plate Reverb and the SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces. The Pure Plate... Read more »

Moog Announces Subsequent 37 CV

Moog unveiled the latest in their long line of super-cool synths at this year's Moogfest: Subsequent 37 CV. Based on the super-powerful Sub 37 Tribute Edition, Subsequent 37 CV ups the ante with new sounds, more... Read more »

Friedman Motor City Drive Tube Overdrive Pedal Review

Nick Bowcott presents the Friedman Motor City Drive pedal. The Friedman Motor City Drive pedal puts the touch-sensitive breakup of a Friedman tube circuit on your pedalboard. To achieve the level of response and... Read more »

Bogner Lyndhurst Compressor Pedal Review

Don Carr presents the Bogner Lyndhurst Compressor pedal. Loaded with a Rupert Neve-designed transformer, this compressor pedal puts the coveted sound of a classic recording console onto your pedalboard. Its built-in... Read more »

Bitwig Studio Updated to v2.1

After a public beta run, Bitwig has officially released Bitwig Studio 2.1. This new update brings bug fixes, enhancements, and new features: A new Amp device is addedMIDI Clock Slave functionality lets you sync up... Read more »

TAMA SLP Classic Dry Aluminum Snare Drum Review

Nick D'Virgilio presents the TAMA SLP Classic Dry Aluminum snare drum. With its 1.2mm aluminum shell and pronounced center bead, the LAL1455 is a clear nod to some of history's most sought-after snare drums. The... Read more »

TAMA SLP Fat Spruce Snare Drum Review

Nick D'Virgilio presents the TAMA SLP Fat Spruce snare drum. In a class of its own, the TAMA SLP Fat Spruce Snare Drum features an 8-ply, 7mm spruce shell with a beautiful wood grain finish, eight brass tube lugs... Read more »

Fender American Professional Jazz Bass Demo

Mitch Gallagher presents the Fender American Professional Jazz Bass, with help from Sweetwater Sales Engineer Andy Rice. Not many bass guitar designs have found wider favor around the world than the Fender Jazz... Read more »

Finding Your Tube Amp’s “Sweet Spot”

Nearly every tube amp has a "sweet spot" — a point at which the tubes are cooking but not pushed too hard, the guitar sustains, has good dynamics, and a full, rich tone. But it's not the same for every amp;... Read more »

Recording Big Big Train with Nick D’Virgilio and Mark Hornsby

Mitch Gallagher sits down with Sweetwater's Nick D'Virgilio to talk about his award-winning band Big Big Train. Nick talks about how they recorded their most recent album here in Sweetwater Studios, with insights... Read more »

Free Stem Mastering Seminar with Mike Wells

Dangerous Music and Sweetwater are proud to present a unique opportunity to learn stem mastering from a pro! The event will be streaming live on May 13, 2017, at 2pm EDT, free of charge. (A free Puremix membership... Read more »

How Many Takes Should I Record?

As many as you need, and no more. In all seriousness, modern DAWs let you record as many takes of the same part as you want, but there definitely is a point of diminishing returns. First, unless you are purely... Read more »

Group Master

In large-scale audio consoles that have lots of mixer groups, there often is one or more Group Master fader that can control multiple group faders. In essence, this turns the assigned group faders into sub-groups of... Read more »

GearFest 2017

Free demos, free advice — and free admission! GearFest 2017 (June 23 and June 24) is the largest free-admission music gear tradeshow in the U.S. Imagine two full days of hands-on gear demonstrations, workshops with... Read more »

What is the Ideal Level to Record Tracks into a DAW?

The general consensus is, hot enough to take advantage of the digital resolution available while not so hot that the signal clips or you have problems later, during mixdown. For dynamic tracks, the recommended level... Read more »

5 Vocal Recording Mistakes You May Be Making

Everybody wants a great vocal sound on their recording, right? Most engineers can give you tips for techniques you should use, but there are some things that you will definitely want to avoid - details that are... Read more »