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AT&T Expands Download Deal With Napster

AT&T has announced plans to offer wireless song downloads from Napster’s digital music catalog to their customers for $2 per song. The company already allows Napster subscribers to transfer music from their personal computer to their cell phone via cable or storage card and indicated it would sell Napster’s five million tracks directly on its phones for $7.49 for a bundle of five songs or $1.99 for individual purchases beginning in November. Napster, which only allows customers access to the downloadable music as long as they pay a monthly subscription fee, charges about $15 a month for unlimited music transfers. Its computer-only services costs subscribers about $10 a month. AT&T already offers wireless downloads through another digital music store, eMusic, at similar rates to the new Napster fees. AT&T didn’t indicate on which phones the Napster service will work, but it definitely won’t work on Apple’s iPhone, which only supports Apple’s iTunes music service and does not offer any wireless downloads over the cellular network.

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