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Arturia Releases First MatrixBrute Firmware Update

Arturia has released Firmware Update 1.1 for the MatrixBrute, chock full of new features:

Real-Time Recording — Set the length of your sequence, press the Record and Play buttons in sequencer mode and let yourself freely ride on immediate inspiration.
Matrix Arpeggiator — The Matrix Arpeggiator playground is made of up to 16 steps, each represented by a column of the Matrix, and arpeggiated chords of up to four notes. The four top rows work just like in standard sequencer mode for these 16 steps. The lower part can be divided in three groups of four rows. Each group represents an octave from -1 to +1 and the four rows within each of them symbolize the four notes of the chord you play on the keyboard. This way you can set which of the four notes of your chord will be played and on which octave for each step. Activating the Key Hold mode and playing different chords will allow you to create on-the-fly complex progressions while keeping a consistent rhythm and melody.

  • Displaying offset between preset and current value — Pressing the Preset button and moving a knob or slider displays the distance between the current value of this parameter and the one that is saved in the current preset.
  • Transposing Pitch CV outputs.
  • The MatrixBrute now has a new clock resolution ensuring compatibility with Korg instruments.
  • Improved the efficiency and the accuracy of the Autotune.
  • Preset loading is now quicker and does not generate “pops.”
  • Additional bug fixes.

The new firmware is free for all registered users.

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