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Apple Releases OS X 10.9 “Mavericks”

Apple has released OS X 10.9, more popularly known as “Mavericks.” The amazing news is that the new operating system is being offered through the Apple App Store completely free of charge, with an easy, one-step upgrade path for users of OS X back to version 10.6.8!

The new operating system has more than 200 new features, with the focus on technologies for increased user possibilities, efficiency for extracting every ounce of power from your computer, and apps for providing maximum task-oriented productivity.

When there is a major OS (Apple or otherwise) update, the big question is always, “When should I take the plunge?” — and with Mavericks being free, the temptation is certainly to upgrade immediately!

Here’s our recommendation (basically the same recommendation we’ve had for the past few OS X updates):

Be sure that all of the software you rely on is certified compatible by the manufacturers before you make the jump. We’re not trying to discourage anyone here — in many cases, you can install an OS update (any OS update, not just this one) and everything will be fine. But music/audio software puts different demands on a computer than running a browser or spreadsheet does, with various drivers and extensions required by different programs to function. It can sometimes take software companies a short time to “catch up” to the new OS before everything is 100% compatible. If you update your OS before your software is updated to support it, you may encounter frustrating difficulties. We’ve found that the conservative approach to OS updates is generally best.

To start things rolling, Avid has already released a compatibility statement, which you can review here.

Stay tuned to inSync and to Sweetwater’s SweetCare for all the latest info on Mavericks compatibility!

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