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Microphone Month

Apple’s iPod’s

Huh? Apple’s iPod for PC? That’s right folks! We already know that the iPod is one of the grooviest MP3 players on the planet, but what Sweetwater customers have come to know is that the iPod is the greatest addition to the rest of their music lifestyle. Because the iPod is equally capable of .wav and .AIFF files playback, the possibilities are endless. Take home a rough mix from the studio on Wednesday, use it for playback music between your sets on Friday night, Saturday night use it to playback background music at your Karoake party. However you choose to use it, remember that we’re talking about 5GB of your musical muse that fits in your palm – use it your way, on your Mac or PC, the sky’s the limit!

Mackie has extended their amazing d8bonaza to the end of this year! If you haven’t heard, the d8bonaza consists of over $4000 worth of FREE stuff when you purchase a Mackie Digital 8 Bus! Here’s the list:

The Digital 8•Bus Bonanza Package includes:
* (3) OPT 8 cards – ADAT optical cards for the Digital 8 • Bus
* (2) UFX cards – The universal FX processing card, the host for Acuma, Antares, Drawmer, and Massenburg plug-ins. TC Reverb and the Mackie Mono Delay are bundled with every UFX card.
* Plug-ins: DelayFactor, TimePak, FinalMix, DSR1, SatFatd8b, RTA31, TC Level 1 Reverb, Mackie Mono Delay

Plus, you get the following rebates
– $100 rebate toward the purchase of MDW2x2 plug-in
– $50 rebate toward the purchase of AutoTune d8b plug-in
– $75 rebate toward the purchase of ADX100 plug-in
– $100 rebate toward the purchase of a pair of HR824 monitors
And a Coupon to receive (3) FREE OPT8 cards direct from Mackie when you purchase an HDR24/96 recorder.

ALL FREE WHEN YOU PURCHASE THE MACKIE DIGITAL 8•BUS! The d8b (or Digital 8•Bus) is one of the most powerful, easy-to-operate digital mixing studio solutions that has ever existed. Mackie continues to release OS updates to the d8b which means it may never become obsolete – when was the last time you could say that about today’s ever changing technology scene? Buy smart and save big.

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