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Answers to common MOTU MachFive questions.

MOTU’s MachFive Universal Sampler is easy to install and use. Still, some issues arise that require a little explanation. Here are three common questions that we hear from new MachFive owners:

Q: “I just installed MachFive and it does not show up as a plug-in in Digital Performer 4. Why not?”

A: In previous versions of DP, Software Synth plug-ins showed up on track inserts. Now, to load any soft synth in DP4, go to:

Project Menu > Add Track > Add Instrument Track, and choose your soft synth.

The synth you create will show up in the mixing board on a dedicated instrument track. Double-click on the insert to call up the plug-in window.

Q: “MachFive can’t find my soundbanks. Where are they?”

A: If you have moved the location of your MachFive “Sounds” folder or have added new soundbanks, follow this procedure:

  1. Go to the File Browser section of the MachFive window
  2. Under Soundbank, click on “More”
  3. Select Reselect MachFive folder (if you have moved your folder or to access another folder), or
  4. Select Rescan MachFive folder (if you have added soundbanks to your folder)

Q: “What MIDI controllers can I use to automate MachFive?”

A: You can use the following MIDI controllers to automate these MachFive items:

  • 07 : Part volume
  • 10 : Part pan
  • 11 : Relative part volume
  • 71 : Filter resonance
  • 74 : Filter cutoff frequency
  • 75 : Overdrive
  • 76 : Coarse tune
  • 77 : Fine Tune
  • 96 : LFO 1 rate
  • 97 : LFO 2 rate

You can also select the Modulation Wheel or Breath Control (MIDI Controllers 01 and 02) as a modulation source. Additionally, in the Part section you can specify any MIDI controller you want as the “External Control” (Ext Ctrl). You can then assign “External Controller” as the source for any item that you can modulate.

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