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AM/FM Radio Still Dominates Listening Habits

These days, with all the news about streaming, downloads, and satellite radio, you might think that terrestrial radio was in a tailspin down the tubes. But according to a new study by Edison Research, 52.1% of all audio listening takes place via AM/FM radio. Internet radio comes in at 11.6%, satellite radio at 7.7%, TV music channels at 5.2%, podcasts at 1.7%, and other sources at 1.5%. That leaves 20.3% of listening that takes place via “owned” music — CDs, downloaded files, and so on.

Now, that 52.1% isn’t broken down in the study by talk radio versus music versus other programming, but it’s still a safe bet that a ton of music listening is taking place using the radio.

Check out the full article at Digital Music News.

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