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Allen & Heath Introduces New Products at London Music Show

Allen & Heath has decided that the forthcoming Sound Recording Technology (SRT) show, which is part of the London International Music Show (LIMS), is the ideal time and place to unveil their newest products.

Evolved from the revolutionary Xone:3D, the Xone:4D DJ Controller has an enhanced feature set that combines a full-featured, high-specification professional analog DJ mixer with 105 MIDI controls, and a new high-end 24-bit/96kHz 20-channel USB 2.0 soundcard. The mixer section is based on the award-winning Xone:92 and features four triple-input stereo channels (soundcard, phono, and line), 3-band total kill EQ, two stereo effects sends, two analog VCF filters with LFO, VCA crossfader and dual-rail channel faders, DJ mic, and cue monitoring system.

The company is also introducing the ZED-R16 at the same event. It combines an analog recording mixer with a FireWire soundcard, MIDI controls, and home-studio routing so you can build tracks in the studio, record live gigs, mixdown, and remix. Allen & Heath is justifiably famous for their recording mixers, the last one being the GS3000 nearly ten years ago. Today’s recording musician works quite differently, so with the ZED-R16, Allen & Heath say they were looking to offer a product that addressed the modern requirements of digital audio recording. The ZED-R16 offers a convenient interface to that world, but also offers great analog functionality, so users can choose to mix in digital or analog mode.

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