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Adjusting for Volume Disparities on Kurzweil K-series Keyboards


Sometimes you’ll find that because of the manner in which the player interacts with the difference in key shape, height and position between black keys and white keys, there will be a difference in volume between the two. In most cases, the player adjusts his or her touch to cope with the disparity. In some cases, particularly when there is a wide volume difference between white and black keys, it may be something to have a qualified tech take a look at. For owners of Kurzweil’s K-2000, K-2500 and other K-Series workstations, there’s an easy way to compensate by creating a Setup that has a White Zone and a Black Zone. First, create a Setup (if you don’t know how, consult your manual) and duplicate the Zone. In one Zone, go to the Key/Vel page and set the parameter to White, then in your other Zone (using the CHAN/BANK up and down buttons) set its NoteMap parameter to Black. Now it’s easy to dial in the perfect response curve for your specific needs! (Hats off to Daniel Fisher, our soundware/synth guru, for this tip!)

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