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Adhering Auralex Foam with Tubetak

Believe it or not, there are ways to use Auralex’s Tubetak that are more effective than others. Here are a few tips that will make your foam adhere better for longer, and will save your Tubetak as well.

  1. While you might think that laying down thicker beads of Tubetak would be better, it’s not! More smears, each very thin, actually work better – even on ceilings. Plus, you’ll use less.
  2. When you cut the tip of the Tubetak roll, be sure to cut the tip at a slight angle. This will enable you to “smear” it easier.
  3. Laying down Tubetak in straight lines, right to left, will adhere your foam the best. However, if you’re using thinner Studio Foam (1″ to 2″ thick), you can probably get away with first drawing a complete square (or rectangle depending on which product you’re using) about 1″ to 2″ from the edge, making an “X” from one corner to the next, then filling out the rest with short lines.

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