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Add Velocity Sensitivity to your Kurzweil K2xxx Classic Synth Patches

A number of Kurzweil K2600 and K2661 owners rely on the Kurzweil Classic Synth CD ROM to provide emulations of patches from old analog instruments such as the Arp 2600, Moog Memorymoog and others. However, many of these programs (as were the originals) are not velocity sensitive. Here’s a quick and easy to edit velocity sensitivity into such a patch:

Select the program you wish to edit and hit the “Edit” button. The soft buttons under the display will change; press the “MORE>” button on the right side until you see a soft button labeled “F4 AMP.” On the AMP page use the cursor to get to the “VelTrk” (Velocity Tracking) parameter. Use the dial or the + button to set this to about 35dB to start. Then play and listen. The higher the value, the more velocity will control the amplitude of your patch.

Once you’ve found the velocity response you like, be sure to save your program – both to a new user location and to a disk!

The “VelTrk” parameter is useful for creating other edits as well. One way to make a program sound “brighter” or “softer” with velocity is to go to a filter page, find the VelTrk parameter, and adjust to suit your taste.

Again, don’t forget to save your work!

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