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Microphone Month 4

Accessory of the Day: Radial Pro DI

The direct box is an essential tool for connecting your instrument or sound source to a PA or recording device. All too often overlooked, this non-glamorous necessity can easily be the weak link in your signal chain and the reason you ask yourself, “why does that sound so bad?” Prepare to never have that problem again, courtesy of the Radial Pro DI.

The Pro DI is a passive, mono direct box that’s affordably priced and lives up to Radial’s high standards for audio transparency. Its custom-made audio transformer is fully isolated to prevent hum and ground loops; and it can handle a variety of signals without reaching saturation. This is especially evident in the low and mid frequencies where the Pro DI’s transformer has extremely low phase distortion. The isolated XLR connectors eliminate chassis ground issues and the military-spec PC board, with full surface ground plane, greatly reduces RF noise. All of this results in a smooth, natural sound with full dynamic range and excellent clarity, regardless of your sound source.

Radial’s name is also synonymous with solid construction and reliability. Using the highest quality components on the outside of the Pro DI protects the ones on the inside. The Radial-pioneered “book cover” design creates a safety barrier around the switches and connectors. The 14-gauge steel used in constructing both the inner and outer chassis of the Pro DI reduces stress on all components, particularly the PC board where many direct box failures begin. The durable, no-slip rubber pad on the bottom of the Pro DI creates isolation, insulation, and keeps it in place. The Pro DI is designed to perform consistently, even in the most high-use environments.

Simple in features and easy to use, the Pro DI has a 1/4″ input, a 1/4″ thru, an XLR out, a ground lift switch, and a switch for a 15dB pad. It’s also available as a stereo DI. Don’t play your expensive, finely tuned-and-tweaked instrument through a DI that will kill your tone; get pro-grade, reliable performance at a musician-friendly price with the Radial Pro DI.

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