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A New Generation of MPC Workstations

Akai Professional announced the next stage in the evolution of their MPC workstations, introducing a pair of hybrid hardware/software workstations as well as an iPad 2 music production system called the MPC Fly. If you’ve been waiting for a system that gives you the hands-on workflow of a traditional MPC, plus the power of a DAW, then you’ll be excited to hear about Akai Professional’s MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio.

Unlike traditional MPC models, both the MPC Renaissance and the MPC Studio use the power of your computer for sampling, sequencing, and processing. In addition to the tried-and-true MPC workflow, the MPC software’s DAW-style environment opens up new possibilities, such as adding VST and AU plug-ins directly to your tracks. You can even use these MPCs as plug-ins in a separate host DAW!

The MPC Renaissance controller includes a full 4-channel audio interface as well as a Legacy Mode, which emulates the sound of classic MPC hardware. The slim MPC Studio controller is designed to fit in your laptop case for maximum portability. Both models feature real MPC pads, a large backlit LCD display, and enough tactile controls for you to create music without ever looking at your computer screen.

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