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A Little Boogie Packed with Big-time Tube Tones

Sure, Mesa/Boogie’s new Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five head is compact. And lightweight. And incredibly easy to take with you. But, plug into this all-tube 2-channel tone machine, and you’ll discover that this little head is a full-sized performer. Whether you’re looking for monster tones in the studio or want to take a Boogie to the stage, you’ll find that the Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five works perfectly. You can switch between 10-watt and 25-watt operation, so recording big tones at lower volume levels is a snap. Choose the full 25 watts and get ready to be blown away by the Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five’s room-filling sound.

Mesa/Boogie is renowned for giving players all the amp features they need. They certainly didn’t skimp on the Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five, despite its size. You get two completely independent sets of tone and volume controls, for maximum flexibility. You can even choose 10- or 25-watt operation independently on each channel! Add the Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five’s four switchable modes (Clean/Pushed and Vintage/Modern) and buffered effects loop, and you have a road-ready tube amp that’s full of incredible tonal possibilities. An included padded gig bag makes it easy to take this tone monster to the gig, the studio, or the practice room. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer now!

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