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A 60-year Miletone for Fender

Fender‘s history extends back almost as far as the invention of the solidbody electric guitar itself, when, in the late ’40s, Leo Fender began experimenting with new production methods. In February of 1951, he officially named the solidbody guitar he had developed the Telecaster. But this solidbody Spanish-style electric guitar wasn’t the only groundbreaking invention Fender introduced in 1951. He also began producing the Precision Bass, the revolutionary guitar-style bass with frets that allowed it to be played with precision. Now, 60 years later, Fender is celebrating with the 60th Anniversary Tele and P Bass models.

Despite one being a guitar and the other a bass, these two distinguished models have a lot in common. For instance, both the 60th Anniversary Telecaster and the 60th Anniversary Precision Bass sport vintage-style single-coil pickups, which bring their tones as close to original as possible. On the other hand, updated touches, including modern tuners, rock-solid hardware, and 9.5″-radius fretboards with medium jumbo frets, make these instruments particularly playable. Plus, both the 60th Anniversary Tele and the 60th Anniversary P Bass feature premium ash bodies finished in Blackguard Blonde thin-skin lacquer and come with a custom Fender/SKB molded case. What’s more, these collectible instruments are priced well within reach of most musicians.

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