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Getting that perfect amplified acoustic sound can be difficult. From quacky piezo pickups to string-heavy magnetic pickups to feedback-loving internal mics, it isn’t easy to get a great tone that gives you the sound and ease of use you want. Well, L.R. Baggs has come up with the new M80 soundhole pickup, which makes your onstage performances easier and better sounding than ever.

Building upon L.R. Baggs’s successful M1 Active pickup, the M80 takes a floating second coil and turns it into a reactive body sensor. You get more of the motion and movement of the guitar translated into sound than ever before. This 3D body sensor is tuned to pick up the entire frequency range of the guitar, adding richness and detail to the sound. The string signal and the body-sensor signal are then added together to give the L.R. Baggs M80 acoustic pickup a natural and lifelike sound.

The M80 not only sounds amazing, but it also has musician-friendly features built in, such as a battery-check gauge, a switch to flip the pickup from active to passive mode (a lifesaver when your battery dies), and an easy-to-reach volume control. Your search for an easy-to-use and natural-sounding pickup has ended — check out the L.R. Baggs M80 today!

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