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500 Series Goodness from Tonelux


Want to put together that perfect signal chain on the way to your recording rig? Tonelux’s MP5A preamp, EQ5P equalizer, and TXC compressor modules make your mics and instruments shine at the front end. Tonelux mastermind Paul Wolff gave each of these great-sounding modules a fully discrete design and equipped them with custom op-amps, for outstanding performance and low-noise operation.

The MP5A gives you both XLR and hi-Z inputs on its front panel, so you can plug in a mic or an instrument. It includes Tonelux’s TILT EQ control, which lets you boost highs and cut lows — or vice versa. A space-saving concentric knob lets you tweak both the input gain and the output level. This feature-packed preamp also includes a 20dB pad switch, switchable phantom power, and a phase switch.

Tonelux’s EQ5P equalizer module lets you add vintage vibe to your signal, thanks to its Constant Energy Curve control. As you boost and cut frequencies on this 4-band parametric EQ, you get the kind of sonic flavor you’d expect from a classic EQ.

When you want to tame transients or make your voice or instrument sit perfectly in the mix, plug into the TXC compressor. This module lets you dial in the compressed signal without losing the punch of the original sound — great for kick drums. The TXC even includes Tonelux’s TILT EQ (as found on the MP5A) in the sidechain for even more flexibility.

Put any of these premium modules into your 500 Series rack, or build a channel out of all three, and you’ll notice an instant improvement in your sound — right at the source! Call your Sales Engineer for more information on these modules!

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